By robbed - 14/10/2010 02:25 - United States

Today, I realized I was happy because we finally started having friends come visit us after months of not having company. I also realized that our secret stash of money was stolen last night while we had company. FML
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I think you need to find some better friends

Little do you know, it was your husband.


I think you need to find some better friends

Money doesn't make you happy. Money creates more problems than it solves. Be glad you got some friends.

not so secret eh!

so 14 I would love to take some of your problems from you then. wanna give me a couple grand?

so 14 I would love to take some of your problems from you then. wanna give me a couple grand? FYL op

Money actually can bring you a lot of happiness. Be glad you have friends? No, those are not friends.

That's what banks are for... YDI

whoever robbed u has been waiting for months to do so

14 share ur trouble here pls

Step 1 - Make a new secret stash (loan?) Step 2 - Invite same people over Step 3 - Booby trap money with car battery.

I hope you catch whoever stole it.

The exact same thing happened to me and I never found out who it was. I had $800 hidden in a crest whitestrips box in my bathroom where no one was even supposed to go...and I was half way through my whitening cycle!! My advice to the OP is to make a list of everyone that was over your house and eliminate people as they become unlikely as suspects. Unfortunately for me my list came down to two people and neither one would admit it. Next time put it somewhere inaccesable and find some better friends!

it wasn't so secret then

it wasn't so secret then

Little do you know, it was your husband.

that's scum. choose a better hiding place, like in the floorboards!

Darling...that is what a bank account is for. I never keep cash around anymore. Not with the two free-spenders I live with.

Brock and Misty?

Asuka and Misato? +3 internet points for correct answer to that guess's anime.

I...don't know who any of those people are. I live with my boys, Trudly dear and Folly darling. I can't remember why I keep them around...they never get anything done, and they're becoming a bunch of lazy freeloaders.

Rei, they're from Evangelion, right? :)

24- Brock and misty! from pokemon!

don't worry op, now your friends will tell others that your house is like a free. ATM machine, and you'll be having lots if people over. you guys really know how to treat your guests.

the m in ATM actually stands for machine. you said AT machine machine. just pointing that out :)

Eh like it matters, people say PIN number same concept. You just wanted to complain!

Don't rely too much on friends you haven't seen in a while, a lot can change over the course of a month, you'd be surprise. that still sucks though. :(

you have horrible friends. there's a reason why you didn't have any company over for months.

Seriously? A stash? Ever heard of a bank?

^You win a free internet!

well mayb it wasnt secret enough and they found it but still that sucks

>_< Think before you speak/type/comment (whichever you prefer) OBVIOUSLY THEY FOUND IT! That's the whole point of the FML dipshit. I hate you!

Deep breaths, darling. Deep breaths.

:) I'm ok, I just dislike stupid people! lol

Damn, that comment got you that angry? I'd hate to see you on a really bad day.(:

I think this fml is a little confusing but sorry that happened OP and you should prbly use a bank account or just find a better hiding space.