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This has gotta be from a movie, book, tv show, YouTube clip, etc... Unfortunately it seems the majority of people aren't understanding the reference, myself included. Nice try though.


Oh, I'm not saying it was funny. I'm not even saying it was good. I'm just saying I doubt many people got it. Glad at least some of you did, though.

And of you didn't like it, there's a button for that. Feel free to use it.


No, I meant thumb me down and leave it at that, not thumb me down and comment "ERH MERH GERHD, UR COMMENT SUCKED!"

...but this isn't getting me anywhere, so I'm just going to shut up now. Carry on.

  isaiaah  |  6

People can't make references to other FML's now? God some people in this world. Take every opportunity they can to attempt and make someone feel bad. It appalls me. You all disgust me

  BulldogHoops  |  14

74- You're a hypocrite. You criticize these people for making ManInTheMachine feel bad, while saying that you are appalled and disgusted by them, thus insulting them and possibly making them feel bad.
Think before you try to make yourself seem like a saint by belittling others.


I actually originally put lock as well, but I feel to get some alcohol that might be either a bit too tedious or a bit too difficult if you're drunk by that point. haha! Bell seems easier, and you can detach it and reattach for each motherly visit. haha. We all have to be a little sneaky time to time.

By  RentaName  |  15

I guess thought she needed it more than you. Personally I hate thieves. Talk to your girlfriend. I just hope we don't see another fml about how you accused your girlfriend's mom of stealing and then figured out you just put your liquor in a different spot.