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Today, I broke up with my girlfriend because I couldn't trust her after cheating on me with 3 guys. Our friends are sad about it so they're throwing her a pity party. Now I'm single and I have no friends. FML
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That's incredibly messed up...time to find new friends!

You had no friends before. They're her friends, obviously. Grow a pair, find some self respect. If your "girlfriend" was "cheating" on you with so many other guys, then she wasn't your girlfriend. She was just some chick that you spent too much money on and wasted your time with while she screwed other guys.


That's incredibly messed up...time to find new friends!

Not first!

unhumorizer - shhhhh, we knew but the #4 next to your name. and i need to know.. all 3 guys at once? she's a keeper!

If they're willing to trust the member who was the cheating whore, they're fucked up, and even if they did still act like your friends, I wouldn't associate myself with that social circle.

Can't turn a who re into a housewife.. or in this case,. a girlfriend.

I wouldn't say you have lost friends, cause you can call them hardly friends

Ok mr clever anticrist Hes lost hardly friends... Feel better now? Thankyou O and OP its ok dont cry wipe them tears, if youd like ill throw you a "pity" party...?

hardly friends that she was probably screwing... :D

@41: Indeed i'm a bit more clever than you, since you can't even spell a name right

maybe OP only has three friends who are guys and all three of them want to throw a "pity party" with her at the same time..?

Would you like a pity party as well?

3 guys? At the same time? Dirty dirty girl

"Dirty dirty girl..." lol

You had no friends before. They're her friends, obviously. Grow a pair, find some self respect. If your "girlfriend" was "cheating" on you with so many other guys, then she wasn't your girlfriend. She was just some chick that you spent too much money on and wasted your time with while she screwed other guys.

Forgiving a girlfriend who cheats does not necessarily imply low self-respect. Give the guy a break, and don't be so judgmental.

if your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats, it means they don't love or care about you enough for you to be #1 in their eyes. a real relationship is when 2 people totally trust eachother and don't even have to worry about cheating because they are so comfortable with eachother and love eachother so much. this is how my boyfriend and I am, and it makes couples that have to defend their boyfriend/girlfriends actions seem pathetic. go ahead and defend your crappy relationship while your girlfriend goes out and gets screwed sideways. yeah, SURE she really loves you.

Sorry, it usually does. Once that trust was broken there's no going back. AND that's with one guy. 3 guys????

Whose defending who? What the hell are you talking about? He broke up with her because of it! Besides, just because your relationship is perfect doesn't make you an expert who can be judgemental of people with broken hearts.

Just because your relationship is perfect doesn't mean you completely understand everyone else's relationship. Besides, he did break up with her.

@19 You're being rather idealistic. You just wait, mwahahaa.

But you could trust her after cheating on you with one guy? Two guys?

Rayn4u, Why does your comment make me think the OP will sing to his girlfriend some version of Lionel Ritchie's "Well, you're once, twice, three times a lady. . ." song of her with the lyrics customized for the occasion? You should never date a girl who is into gang bangs anyways. She prefers quantity over quality, so unless you are born with multiple dicks, you'll never measure up, even if you were born with a very good one. When you dump her, don't just give her the finger, give her lots of fingers!

You trusted her after cheating once and twice... You have no friends of your own... Your life was fucked before you hooked up with her. It's sad that you're just now realizing it.

We don't know if he knew about the first and second, maybe she was sleeping with 3 other guys at once, or he found out about one and she came clean about the other 2 as well. FYL OP, that really sucks.

you obviously didn't have any friends to begin with! Just because Facebook tells you that you have hundreds of friends, those are not REAL! Start investing your effort and time into one or two real friends instead of trying to be Mr. Popular.

Indeed! These people you know on Facebook may just be acquaintances and not people you really talk to. Try looking for people with similar interests, especially the things you do a lot. That'll give y'all a ton to talk about.

You're an idiot. Did he say ANYWHERE that they were facebook friends?

the same thing happened to me i broke up with my fiance-for different reasons- and all my friends left me for him. It sucks. We should just start an organization for people who are dumped by their friends after a break up!

My former fiancée and I realized our mutual friends would be tempted to take sides, so we were very intentional about telling them to continue being friends to us both, and not to hesitate inviting both of us to the same events.

Lucky, lucky. It's not often you get couples who realise that things aren't working before they start resenting each other. I think that when most people split it's rather ugly. Both parties want to be "right" and you'll often find that either party, or both, will try get the friends to side with them (either for affirmation or out of pure spite). OP, I agree with what others have said - you never had friends in the first place. Thank your lucky stars for the clean break. You're now free to make new (genuine) friends and possibly meet someone more worth your time, effort and money.

I think your friends are just looking for an easy piece of ass. "Pity the whore, she may put out!", I guess?