By silentsuzie - 12/02/2010 15:23 - United States

Today, I realized I can never live with my fiancée. A childhood of systematic teasing, abuse, and humiliation has made me terrified to use a bathroom around a guy if there's the slightest chance I can be heard, seen, or even have anyone know what I'm up to. Therapy has yet to fix anything. FML
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cursesonyourmom 1

buy a little radio and play it in the bathroom. even if your just putting on makeup. that way he can't hear you and doesn't know what your doing.

"If you have to shit, shit! If you have to fart, fart! You will feel much better for it." ~Mao Tse-tung


farsidee 0

it's not the end of the world if someone hears you crapping. laugh along if they make fun of you.

f ur bf time to move on!!

turn on the radio lol


that's why you get a place with two bathrooms, so you can have some potty-time privacy. if therapy isn't working, get a new therapist or a new type of therapy.

A lot of people have this problem. I only use a public restroom if I have absolutely no choice and when my husband and I first moved in together, I would wait till he left the house or went to sleep to use the bathroom. I didn't really snap out of it till I got pregnant. OP, you need to tell your fiance how you feel and trust him to help you get past your issues. If you can't let go around him, it's just not going to work out.

Its not that simple when dealing with abuse survivors... OP FYL I wish I could hunt down your abusers and chop them up while they are still awake and allive!!

guckylynn 19

45 that's really sick.

Number 4, her fiancé has nothing at all to do with this. Stop finding every excuse to accuse a guy of being an asshole.

lmao agreed wit number49!!!

LTMcleod 0

it's not his fault dumb ass

Most women I know think their shit don't stink. it's refreshing to find one that realizes the truth!

# 30 ftw. I was the same way I'd wait till he left the house or was sleeping. idk y but since I got pregnant i don't care.... I wonder y...

NeonWar__ 0

totally agree with #1!

sexaywoman 0

It's ok. I have the same fear. :)

or just get pregnant like this bitch

u broke up with ur fiancé cuzz u can't quiet epic failure on ur part

#88 It's probably because of all the crap pregnancy puts your body through. Things become very real when you're puking all day. I was in the delivery room with my friend and she shat on the table! A little tough to maintain your Vixtorian reticence after that.

In_your_face 0

i guess its time to find a new therapist

guccibag23 0

i like that honesty

riku3220 2

I dislike people with extremely irrational fears for some reason. You're an adult. GET. OVER. IT. It makes me wonder how the hell some people can be afraid of all dogs because of 1 fucking bite or be afraid to expel waste because she was made fun of doing something everybody does.

god this is so stupid! you fear going to the toilet cos someoneight hear you? I got over that when I was in grade 6

@183 Did you not read the part where it said "abuse"?

noonenoeone 22

you obviously can't read

183, so you're basically saying that if a woman had been sexually abused as a child, an as a result of that was terrified of men, she should "just get over it" because she's an adult?

Leatherandlace 0

Don't you have any fears?

Lichinamo 33

I have hemophobia, the irrational fear of blood, which scares and disgusts me to a point of sweating, panic, hyperventilation, and possibly passing out. You think that when I become an adult, I should 'get over it', even though I grew up with it and can't help it?

iamghostbad 0


Take a shit with someone. Ask a really close friend to go to the bathroom with you or something and just talk while you do your business. That way it won't be so uncomfortable.

number 2 lol that's sucks

"If you have to shit, shit! If you have to fart, fart! You will feel much better for it." ~Mao Tse-tung

roaminginsomniac 0

Time to get over it. You're an adult, I think. People poop. It's how life is, and he can't be a good boyfriend if he would tease you, so...

youthink_fml 0

she never said he teases her

Jrook 0

get an out house

epoh_fml 0

I agree. Read the book "everybody poops." pooping is a natural body function--anyone who would humiliate you is not worth the air they're breathing.

dude you're a genius.

I'm sorry, number 91 is the genius. outhouse FTW

Jrook 0

I find that most of life's problems can solved when you dump them in a pit.

YourEvilHero 12

why is it the bf,s fault he did nothing

Smith000006 1

I agree with number 7. You would think people would try to comprehend the fml they're reading before they post a comment making unfair critcisms of her bf. But I guess not!

dorkside_fml 0

nope cause it's always the guys fault. :/

lmao...that makes you a complete loser

p3rfect_ins4nity 0

I'm sorry you have issues!

Bunny098 0

Don't feel bad same here

cursesonyourmom 1

buy a little radio and play it in the bathroom. even if your just putting on makeup. that way he can't hear you and doesn't know what your doing.

summer_5778 1

yeah, just play music or somthing. I'm sure he won't care

that's what I do, I always play music in the bathroom no matter what so nobody ever knows if i'm brushing my hair, pooping, peeing, makeup, whatever.