By TheDumper - United States - Chandler
Today, and for the last week, I've resorted to driving myself to the nearest corner store to take my daily dump. I'm doing this because I recently moved in with my boyfriend, and I'm afraid he'll be disgusted at how often I clog the toilet. FML
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Hey, when I'm at school I usually crap in the nurse's office. If I drop a stinker in the normal bathroom, I don't want neighboring classes to smell it then see me come out of the bathroom. :C plus the nurse's bathroom is a single bathroom. And it's also cleaner and has better toilet paper.

  ladyLALAA  |  28

I don't think clogging the toilet is that normal hey. If this happens to your regularly you should probably think of changing your diet a bit, or taking some supplements to help regulate bowel movements.


You're right. All of us girls don't actually "dump the truck". It has been hidden by the FBI for 50+ years that they can rewire the human body so they can't crap. They secretly gave pills to women so that would happen. It is ineffective for men, and they are currently working on that... Don't be surprised if you wake up with an extra arm.


153- first of all, how would anyone in other classes see you unless they're constantly looking out the door, second I doubt the stench would reach that far- you'd probably just stink up the whole bathroom, and third you must take gigantic shits for it to smell that bad


Well, I was exaggerating a little. I just like the nurse's better because there isn't a line. And you don't know how the school is set up. There are two classrooms on each side where the students face somewhat toward the door. And one classroom across where students do the same. And teachers usually have doors propped open. And I found that when students hear footsteps outside the door, they'll glance up to see if it's someone they know. So chill your balls, 208.

  Abdul888  |  16

14- OMG, girls POOP!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been licking that hole for months thinking it's so clean and nothing comes out of it!!! Ouch I feel disgusted now after I've licked a lot :(


You phat phuck... What the hell do you eat? And think you're special cause you use the nurse's bathroom. I bet they suffocate in there with your stink bomb, then they have to clean your shit up...

  reneetlovesyou  |  30

OP, I'm going to assume you and your boyfriend are pretty serious if you're now living together. I don't think that's something you should have to hide. Couples are supposed to work together to find solutions you wouldn't otherwise come up with on your own. Even said problem is your irregular bowel movements.

  zandalee  |  19

I bet you get out of bed at the crack of dawn to put on a full face of makeup too...
There comes a time in every relationship where you just have to show yourself warts and all. If your bf can't handle that... Move on.

By  tmaq973  |  7

What happens when he wants to try anal?

  nancyschmancy  |  9

She can tell him no. Anal sex is not a requirement for a healthy relationship. My question is? Why not get a plunger and unclog the damn toilet herself before coming out? He wouldn't know, or care.

  flashback.miss  |  28

RIP, The_Thinker
and OP, I can understand getting used to a new place to call home, going out of your way for the toilet is very extreme. If you're that worried simply take extra care to clean out the toilet.

By  day624  |  14

Get a plunger, some air freshener and Lysol. Turn on the vent fan for some noise while your going and voila your problems are solved! Also dont you think the corner store owners will start to notice how often THEIR toilets get clogged and pay more attention to whose using there bathrooms?