By DumbDinosaur - United States
Today, I decided to do a load of laundry. Two minutes into the cycle, I realized that I left my iPod in my sweatpants pocket. The washing machine door locks automatically and cannot be opened until the 40-minute cycle is up. FML
DumbDinosaur tells us more :
The machine was in my dorm building and was your generic industrial washer - no OFF switch, no fancy doors, etc. Once the cycle's on, it's on for the duration. Since it was linked up to 9 other machines, had I pulled the plug, I would've not only flooded out the laundry room but would have had 9 very unhappy residents on my back..heh. Oh, and never mind the happy ending - the iPod never bounced back to life. Serves me right, I guess.
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By  shady_angel  |  0

thats gay, but when i put my ipod nano through the wash i dryed it out, charged it n it wored fine.... hope yours is ok :) saying that... im sure mine was indistructable, it also got dropped on the main road n nearly run over by about 10 cars......

  fuzzycubby  |  0

I'd like to know how that's "gay". I'm so sick of people using that term! even if I WASN'T gay it would piss me off! seriously? how long will we have to be alive before we realize that saying stupid, hurtful things like that isn't ok!?

  TwistedSaint  |  4

Not true. Bosch machines lock and won't unlock until the cycle has completed even if you turn it off and then back on again. You have to drain it and then take a panel off the front and manually release the lock. It's a bitch if you've never done it.

By  BitterButterfly  |  0

Ipods are can take a far amount of abuse. so I wouldn't worry much, just let it air dry for a few days. and check your pockets!

(I did laundry for my family once and found $20 in their pockets, just sayin')