By Bailyboo - 26/01/2012 23:50 - United States

Today, I admitted my fear of small spaces to my boyfriend. His response was to immediately lock me in the hall closet. FML
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JocelynKaulitz 28

This would be the perfect chance to show that closet monster who's boss!

People don't realize how scary stuff like that can be to a person...


JocelynKaulitz 28

This would be the perfect chance to show that closet monster who's boss!

I don't think it's monster its just the fear of small cramped places...the best solution send her to china...

Randuhh_17 4

No, this would be the perfect chance to find Narnia.

Well somtimes confronting your fear helps you getting over said fear.

Or piss on all the stuff (if it's his of course). Revenge is sweet, and yellow.

The first thing that comes to mind is Dane Cook's skit about the monster in the closet from his Vicious Circle act.

Dane Cook is an unfunny asshole.

Dane Cook is an unfunny asshole. So important to know, that I'm telling you all twice.

Holy crap! There's a closet monster?!?! I knew it! Now I'm going to have to have a long discussion with my mother. -_-

Some boyfriend you have...

He obviously loves u so much he is helping u overcome the fear.

... No @9... No. That's just her bf being a little bit douchy.

He might of thought she was joking.. On a lighter side, maybe he was just testing it to see if it was legit!

slushybox 9

Definitely a keeper I'd say :)

K_kanaka 26

OP just kick ur boyfriend in the nuts. It'll make you feel so much better and ur boyfriend will learn his lesson.

She lived and im sure they both laughed it off. She's probably not scared anymore

aron666 25

I think the fear goes away, but a possible eunuch life is unhealthy for long therm relationships

ChadHelton 8

YDI I'm sure this wasn't the first clue you got that he is a douche.

Looks like its you that needs to come out of the closet, not him

That's so funny I forgot to laugh.

Why does everyone have to make fun of homosexual people. I mean come on back home if you were homosexual you would get executed.

You clearly forgot to shut the f*ck up as well.

7 = owned 19 = the owner.

Maybe you should reconsider telling him that you are allergic to peanuts...

7 minutes in heaven. Giggity

*r-kelly voice* Op's locked in the closet! So I pull out my gun!!! Please just come out the closet.

GoW_Chick 14

Just a second apart, and we both had the same idea, great minds think alike. ;)

5- you are a genius :)

154rct 7

Get her out of the closet or I'm gonna shoot someone!

GoW_Chick 14

Now you're locked in the closet, why the hell are you in that closet! Thank you r. kelly for helping me with my comment. ;)

bbedlock_fml 7

Watch out for the evil monkey!

Classic just remember if u do come across it call on brian's son lmao

People don't realize how scary stuff like that can be to a person...

demonwolfmaster 26

Why a haunt in vegas has a small spce in their haunt i dont get panic attacks easly but it took two big men to drag me to safty (and im not over weight 140 and proud) nut to the op im so sorry if my gf did that to me it would be splits vill since thats not cool

dan13mey 0


GoW_Chick 14

Just ignore the dumbassian, they'll go back to their own dimension when their visa expires..

RoseTintMyWorld 8

People still say splitsville?

I didn't know anyone other than shaggy ever said splitsville

lebronesque73091 12

Yeah, that's not cool at all.

I'll be the dumbass to English interpreter here :) Why, a haunt in Vegas has a small space in their haunt. I dont get panic attacks easily, but it took two big men to drag me to safety (and I'm not overweight: 140 and proud). Note to the op: I'm so sorry. If my girlfriend did that to me, I would be angry, since that's not cool.

2ndSucks 15

Am I the only one that still doesn't understand the haunt in Vegas part?

ninjuh_wingman 29

Maybe he just wanted to test it out to see if you were telling the truth.

How'd he get you in the closet in the first place?

Picked her up?

Teenage girls do tend to be small and easy to move.