By JustMyLuck - 12/02/2010 14:14 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend wanted me to sleep over at his house. Then he found out that it was that time of the month for me, so he told me that he had to work this weekend and said "see you sometime next week." He doesn't have a job. FML
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Ajjas013 6

It's probably the time of the month for him too.

Red relationship flag for you......


Ajjas013 6

It's probably the time of the month for him too.

not his fault he probaly didn't want blood all over him?

or maybe he didn't want to put up with a cramping, hormonal, bitchy girl for the whole night.

man, your girl must feel REAL lucky to have you. if you even have a girl *yikes*

looks like she's in... *puts on sunglasses* a sticky situation. YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH.

You completely deserve it because you bleed. Fuck His Life. I don't blame him. instead of bitching at him, your bitching on Fml. Great job getting out while you could man!

ohmygeezz 0

ohmy hahaha next time you should hook up with guys that aren't too scared to take you home to get some!

Some lucky guy will atleast get a BJ out of the deal if she'll stop bitching long enough.

stupid comment

49: That made me laugh so hard I choked on my drink. Thank you, and God bless Horatio.

or maybe he's just an arrogant ass using the OP for sex, not a relationship. FYL for what happened, but you probably deserve it too. If the relationship sucks so much that he only wants to be with you for sex and isn't around any other time, you probably are in a relationship based on sex only and gave it up right away.

#49 : CSI Miami would be nothing without one of David Caruso's dramatic readings! #106 : I read your comment too quickly and almost thought you wrote "choke on my dick." I was like, woah, now THAT'S multi-tasking!

booty call!

skyshark 0

I think that might be a strong hint that he's only going out with you for the sex.

fruityrainbow86 0

totally agree with #2 and #3!!

Well probably, but it could also be the fact the he doesn't want to be raged at every 5 minutes. Some girls are HUGE bitches during that time of month and even though it's understandable I still wouldn't want to be around them if possible. And of course some girls that read this may think i'm an asshole for not putting up with it, but whatever, there are things that us guys do that women refuse to put up with.


if she had to tell him she had her period, she must not be that bad...otherwise he would have known it was that time of month and hidden somewhere until her hormones leveled off.

agreed I dumped my ex cuz the only time he wanted to hangout was wen it invoked condoms but yea u shud n lyk"since wen do u work "

exactly...find a new boyfriend...seriously!!

skyshark is correct On a side note: this made me think of this old phrase I read somewhere -> "Never trust anything that can bleed for 7 days and not die." lol, corny, I know

Aggriken 0

or maybe he just doesn't want to get bitched at.

It's not a big deal,just get a Mouth Hug and be happy!!

Red relationship flag for you......


definite red flag-dump him! he is only after sex, and if he can't stand to have you there when you have your period, just how far do you really think this relationship will be able to go? say you got married-would you be expected to check into a hotel one week out of the month? he is an immature asshat-dump him!!

Averizzle 0

Only after sex? 50% of relationships rely on a strong sexual relationship :D


if sex is the main reason two people are together, the relationship is doomed. think about it-50% of relationships are based on sex, and 50% of marriages end in divorce. 'nuff said.

the other 50% end In death...


lol- the luckier 50%


all the same, a relationship based on sex is doomed

I agree with idolgirl. A relationship based on sex is doomed. Since we all die though, I guess every relationship is doomed. Bound to end sometime. Kidding about that last bit!

YDI for dating a douche.

iamghostbad 0

I would dump his ass. that's effed up.


just be sure to bleed all over his sheets before you walk out on his sorry ass

break up with the dickhead

roaminginsomniac 0

He shouldn't be your boyfriend, he should be you EX-boyfriend. Duhh...Didn't you understand that??? All he is after is sex with you.

mrbuddy 0

Then why are you dating him? No job? No red wings?

Ajjas013 6

Sounds like a commercial for Red Bull.

A douche bag without a job? Time for him to hit the bricks. See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!

skyshark 0

or just use him for the sex too, it's a win win situation

Ajjas013 6

What, no deepthroat choking?

Ajjas013 6

...It's alright. Ajjas means tortilla in Egyptian. That's gift enough :)