By mike4444 - 12/02/2010 18:11 - France

Today, I bought myself a flower for Valentine's Day to be delivered to myself from "Anonymous". FML
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hoolie06 0

Only FML if someone finds out.

saranottelling 7

Oh please, I have been doing that for YEARS... ...I'm so lonely...


Exactly OP, get over yourself! You're not THAT hot.

Why would you do that? no one will know. you probably did it just to bitch about how much of a lose you are. how about this... instead of pointless flower shopping, go make friends.

tweetbaby14 18

lol I wouldve done the same but i'm getting a PRESENT for valentines day from my BOYFRIEND

What are you getting him tweet? Nothing I assume.

tweetbaby14 18

he told me he doesn't want anything because I make him happier than any material object ever could

tweetbaby14 18

actually, he is... and more than likely, he'll be getting his "material" gift from his real GF later tonight

spez86 0

that is pointless I don't see why you would even go threw with this I guess to make people think you are involved with someone when yr not this is SAD haha I will laugh

that is totally something I Would do, **** em haha

Obviously he's trying to be a nice BF but deep down he's pissed because you aren't taking the hint.

tweet he means he wants you to, he just doesn't want you to feel you have to and doesn't understand you're a bitch. idol is right op- self esteem fail?

Um, tweet, actually he is. Are you actually 14? Who doesn't want a gift from someone they love?

oh my god you're retarded. you're really gonna accept a gift from him? that's basically saying "I'm obviously not happy with you so buy me shit" Jesus you're eiter the blonde from hell, or just selfish. of course he wants a gift you concieded bitch. either that or he wants your vag.

tweetbaby14 18

dearest haters I am his REAL girlfriend stop trying to snickerdoodlize me

BigLostBear 0

you make him happier then any material object could, i find this hard to believe unless you sleep with him every other day. and take a hint he does want you to buy him something <_<

hpotterluvr 0

that's the thing....she's ugly and no1 likes her:( suck it up bitch!

If someone tells you NOT to get them a gift, then it's a sign that they WANT a gift. Someone who doesn't want a gift doesn't tell people that, they wait until the day they'd normally receive one and brush it off. F your BF's Life, tweet.

tweetbaby14 18

1. you don't know what I look like 2. I'm not ugly 3. it is possible for someone to make someone happier than any material object without having sex all the time it's called love 4. I requested that he didn't get me anything actually I'm not into the whole getting a present from your bf thing 5. I'm not a bitch if you'd stop being judgemental douchebags you'd learn that I'm a nice person

tweetbaby14 18

I'm not blonde I'm not even white and I am not selfish if you actually knew me you'd know how much I do for people and all I want in return is to know I've made a person happy I always do very nice things for my friends and family everytime I get money instead of going out to get myself something I save it for other things or go out to buy my mom an I appreciate you gift

jessica4456 0

to tweet when someone says they don't want anything that's a nice way of saying they do.defenitly on valentines day,u have to understand you DO make him happy but it's the nice gestures that make him love you even more hunn,but you wouldn't understand your only like what?14. lol.

Seriously, ARE you 14? I don't have any reason to be a hater but it's odd that you claim you are not into getting material things but you are getting flamed for bragging that your bf was buying you a present (which also contradicts your claim that you're not a bitch). And it is absolutely possible to make someone happier than any gift could but if you believe that about yourself, then by accepting his gift, are you delibrately sending him the message he's not making you happy enough?

tweetbaby14 18

ok to all the people that keep asking no I'm not 14 it is the day I was born and my lucky number

tweetbaby14 18

of course I'm gonna get him something i just have no ideas about something special and sweet to give him

tweetbaby14 18

and sorry if I seemed bitchy I have a loose tooth and it hurts like hell and it's really bugging me but

Guys are simple. "Give him some sex, give him some head, make him a sandwich, and stfu!" Cliches exist for a reason. ;) Do you have an idea of what he's getting you? Keep it in the same approximate price range if you can. Video games, ipods, tix to a game are all good.

tweetbaby14 18

I know he spent $300 that I don't have on what he got me

delaney16 0

u r just making her feel worse

My apologies, I think I understand the whole "you don't have to get me anything" thing. I was broke after being on leave and my husband told me the same thing. Just do something sweet or out of the ordinary. If you can cook, make him a special meal. Cheap lingerie can be pretty (and can be ripped off). If he has a favourite activity, you can probably get something to go along with it for a relatively low price. It really is the thought that counts so think about what he would enjoy.

fail tweet. epic. fail. your being so stupid. he definitely wants something. sex. or are you too young to even say the word SEX and be ashamed. sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex SEX. fck you tweet for being an inconsiderate conceited little wh0r3.

tweetbaby14 18

how does me not having sex with him make me a *****??? and we are waiting to have sex untill we get married since you care so much

advent2060 4

lol that's pretty rare in this day and age, my guess is 1 of 3 things, #1 u guys are both extremely religious #2 ur in middle school or #3 he is "waiting" cuz he is getting it sumwhere else as for the OP FYL cuz that's jus ******* sad

ugh. stop being a douchebag to tweet! there is such thing as love. now stfu and stop being off topic. as for the fml, you are seriously a loser. go eat a hotdog

agree with advent. your a ***** tweet for beinn a bitch about this ****** gift you are getting for valentines day. so what if he got you a gift; you dont have to announce it to the world. plus ur probly exaggerating. 300$, poor guy, unless he has a continous incomeor rich parents i wont believ it.

tweetbaby14 18

since you want to know so much we are the age to know about sex I'm 15 he's 18 he's religious and I respect his value to wait untill marriage and he has a job that's how he got the money for my present and as the person before you said you really don't have to focus on me and I did apologize

advent2060 4

haha no wonder he said he is waiting cuz ur jail bait lol in case u guys dnt knw this 18yr old dating a 15yr old girl is all bad and if u do have sex that's a stagetory rape charge on him regardless of mutual consent and that translates to jail time for him

tweetbaby14 18

i'm not seeing how that's funny...

tweetbaby14 18

if I wasn't real I wouldn't be saying anything and it is possible for me to be 15 and haven't lost all my baby teeth yet it's not that rare look it up on the Internet and i didn't say he doesn't expect me to get anything he said he doesn't want me to get anything because he says I've already given him enough

FAIL. he can be charged for rape. FAIL. you havent lost all your baby teeth yet and your ******* 15. FAIL. you apologized for a gift. YLF. your life fails.

tweetbaby14 18

I didn't apologize for the gift smart one...

tweetbaby14 18

and he can only be charged with rape if we had sex

well that is what most are implying. sex. and whatever i saw apilogize somewhere on these comments.

tweetbaby14 18

I apologized for being bitchy

tweetbaby14 18

I don't care if that's what you think because you don't even know me

well stop lying to the whole world you fag. YOU FAIL AT LIFE. your welcome for making you feel so loved(: HAHA, just keeeeeeedin bitch.

tweetbaby14 18

shut the **** up you're so ******* annoying it's not even funny

hoolie06 0

Only FML if someone finds out.

WhatANoob 0

He posted it on this website. alot of people know LOL

hoolie06 0

Let's assume he's not the only Mike in France, lol.

saranottelling 7

Oh please, I have been doing that for YEARS... ...I'm so lonely...

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Anonymous would never send you a flower. /b/, that is. Did I just break rule 1 or 2?

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omg. when u get the flowers in the mail, u gotta be like "OMG HOW BEAUTIFUL!! I wonder who they're from!!"

PsychoMerk 0

the whole "lonely-unlovable-fatkid-thing" never stops amusing me :] *hugs OP*

xundria 5

... That's just sad. instead of doing that why don't you try to find someone. Are you trying to impress someone by sending yourself a flower? Lulz.

you're pathetic. is that supposed to convince you that someone likes you?

Like who doesn't buy nice things for themselves? And if you don't, you should. Nobody can take care of you like you can.

It's one thing to treat yourself as in: To OP From yourself because you're awesome vs. To OP From your secret admirer "OMG, look everyone! I am obviously better than everyone else thought."

I know, I just didn't want to make a big deal of it. If she shows them off like someone sent them she is a sad little shrew.

ZombieBunnies 0

Did you hire a midget dresses as Cupid to deliver it to? if so then it's a EPIC win!