By vivelawank - 10/05/2014 20:52 - United Kingdom

Today, I realised the only preparation I've done for my final French exam has been wanking off to French porn. FML
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lissa_jade 22

then stop playing with your "oui oui" and study !

Wow. Good job.(sarcasm)


Wow. Good job.(sarcasm)

\ 28

Looks like OP's about to experience "la petit mort"

He should write "foutre" all over his essay.

10-14: So many errors in so few words.

#17 *such few words

You realise that you can actually say it "so few," right?

Welp, full immersion eh?

He better hope it's an "oral" exam.

Obviously op is a kinaesthetic learner.

incoherentrmblr 21

You are what the French call, "Les incompetant"...

OP is using isn't using his head. He's using his other head.

I think I have the same exam as you on Monday, it'll be fine you can't really revise for languages and it's only French. Plus immersion in a language always helps, even if it's porn

As do I, it'll be okay

#3 its only french...comme si le francais etait la langue la plus facile a apprendre. i wish i could hear you speak french just so i can judge you....

Cwizer 17

Well you've got some preparation.

It could help if no and keep going are on your test

sterling1113 15

I was really confused reading this comment without quotation marks around "no" and "keep going", I seriously thought I just couldn't understand the sentence. But now I get it. .___.

Thanks #34 I read that like 50 times and didn't get it haha until I saw your comment

killinpoptarts 9

#34.... You are a lifesaver! I would have been there all night

well I guess you can talk dirty on your exam lol

If it's an oral exam, he'll ace it.

At least you've got the french kiss down.

I prefer the "Australian kiss", French but done down under.

cryssycakesx3 22

"kissing during a rainbow right??"

At least you can understand them.

lissa_jade 22

then stop playing with your "oui oui" and study !

I think your name is perfect actually lmao

So... your Dad from the previous FML was right about you.