By Anonymous - 30/06/2014 11:40 - Australia - Applecross

Today, my daughter asked me how long she had to put her 2-minute noodles in the microwave for. FML
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BBlah 26

How old is she?

She's going places...not university but places


BBlah 26

How old is she?

gjikvtj 18


Tell her "120 seconds."

Was it OP's son or daughter? xD

30, the use of DAUGHTER and SHE makes it obvious it's her daughter.

meli1195 31

I think #30 must be friends with OPs daughter

Besides if she's old enough to use the microwave, she's too old for that question.

I asked that to point out the obviousness of the answer, like OP's daughter did, except the answer wasn't obvious to her.

I'll give you an A for effort, 63.

42, actually, by using advanced technology, hacking into the server, finding the secret files, and digging into the codes, I can confirm that the use of "daughter" and "she" implies that OP has a son.

CelticSkye 13

I sincerely hope, for the sake of the child, that your daughter just had a momentary brain fart.

Sometimes it's different with microwaves. For a popcorn bag states 2:30 I usually have to set it at Two minutes or it would burn.

What is humanity anymore?

The generation is getting dumber and dumber.

Some microwaves are more powerful than others. While 2 minutes may be the logical response, more or less time may be needed.

this generation isn't getting dumber, people just don't post on FML when their kid aces their finals.

Link/DD 13

Modern technology is bringing us all closer together

Sadly, this isn't the only evidence the generations are getting dumber.

i wouldn't say dumber because that makes people upset. we are more tolerant i can definately say that

If you can say FML when your kid aces their finals, you may have a problem.

yet we are better at technology and life saving sciences because you have to be stupid to do science...

Judging this entire generation based on a few kids' dumb acts is kind of...dumb.

it's because this generation is living off of things like, well, microwave noodles.

This generation is more lazy than dumb.

She's going places...not university but places

Like down the corner deli for a sandwich?

This comment is starting to get old.

jojimugo 20

#33 Honestly as a fml frequenter, I have never seen this comment before

Lol Why did your comment make me laugh so hard?

It would be less weird if she was 5 as opposed to 20.

do you happen to be married to your brother?

being born of incest does not make you dumb...just bad blood

Now, what the ****?

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that your daughter really should know better.

well people also ask when the 4th of july is

badluckalex 23

I always hear people ask when cinco de mayo is

Well, to be fair to those people, they're most likely asking what day it's on, like it being on Friday this year for example. Some may not know what day it'll fall on, especially a month or two out, and thus ask what day it's on if they don't have a calendar handy.

Hopefully you will take it as his learning curve

Lol how did you get "his"? OP specified it was their daughter.

It all depends how old she is

more like FHL. if she can't figure out something as simple as that, life's gonna be hard for her.