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Today, it's been three days since I told this guy I liked him and he told me he liked me. It's also been three days since he contacted me. So, I called his phone and I was told by someone that they were attributed that number three days ago. I think it's safe to say the feelings weren't mutual. FML
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Hey OP here, I'm not sure if this will clear things up because quite frankly I'm confused. We've known each other for a little over a year now. We're supportive of each other and everything. This past weekend our conversation shifted. He pretty much made me admit that I had feelings for him. He wanted me to literally say “I Like You”. He then went on to express his feelings and how he been liked me and etc. Lately we had been snap chatting more than texting. He even had stopped by for a hug before work. He was really trying to prove himself to me. The next day we were snapping each other then all of a sudden he stopped responding. I gave it some time then called his phone number and that's when I was informed someone else now was the owner of that number. There is literally no other way to contact him.

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Yeah.. Now I'm even more convinced that this may be a technical issue OP. Please don't assume that he's doing it on purpose. Do you know where he lives or works?


That's not necessarily true.. There could be technical reasons for no contact. He could have changed service providers which means you might not be able to keep your number, and he could have possibly lost her number in the process. Just one example. So I'd say it's best not to assume at this point.

If he was interested, he would find a way to contact her.

There are so many scenarios that could explain his behaviour, but the best way is to ask him directly. Don't you have any other contact info?

There has to be a bit more to this story we aren't getting. Who would go through the process of changing their number because of a girl crushing on them? Follow up please?

My number is like my tattoo -- it'd be a painful hassle to change. That dude must hate or fear you!

There could be endless possibilities of why the number changed. I wouldn't stress or go all out just to try to find some way to contact him again. For all you know he could be taken and a S.O. could've made him change the number, etc. Or it could honestly be totally innocent. I hope the best for you OP.

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That was really fast. I asked a telco here in Australia about how numbers get recycled and it doesn't hit the reassign cycle until 6 months. I'm sorry, OP.

I would think it depends on where you are. If OP is in Michigan, specifically a larger city in Michigan, they are probably recycled a lot sooner than that.

Sorry OP. I think the person you spoke to was lying, and the guy you liked was too cowardly to speak to you himself so got a friend to do it for him.

Definitely the most likely scenario. Sorry he is a jerk. Bullet dodged.

That's why you never tell someone you like them while holding a bloody knife in one hand and flowers in the other. There's a good chance they'll tell you they reciprocate your feelings in an effort to get away. You never know if they have allergies.

I'm assuming this was AFTER the horizontal hanky-panky.

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How about no. Haven't even kissed him before. The most intimacy physically between him and I was a hug.

I'm curious why you waited three days to reach out to him after your mutual declarations of likingness.

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We both have very busy schedules. Before we claimed we liked each other not talking every single day was normal. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed he didn't open my snapchat and it had been days later.