By rick - 13/08/2009 21:49 - Sweden

Today, I read an incoming message on my wife's phone. "I miss your warm hands and mouth". The message came from a female co-worker of hers. FML
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Maybe her coworker texted it to the wrong number. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.

Text back! "Come over to meet my husband. Dress sexy."


birds_fml 7

Maybe her coworker texted it to the wrong number. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.

We don't know if the OP is jumping to conclusions. He's just stating the facts as is in his FML.

How is this an FML? It's cute because they're both women.

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I just want everyone to know that I think the member AndelleRae is a horrifyingly ugly demon, and we should MAN TEH HARPOONZ!! immediately please and thank you.

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I agree with 80% of these comments...time to get some

dick => ass = FUN!! CCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKKKKKKKKKKKK!! cockinbutt oh and lol, OP

Humorizer (60) it's an FML because his wife appears to be cheating on him with a woman. Also just because it's 2 women having an affair doesn't mean it's cute. it's still cheating. This is FML worthy.

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Text back! "Come over to meet my husband. Dress sexy."

or maybe, JUST MAYBE, he wasnt going through her phone. seeing as how theyre married and whats his is hers and whats hers is his, he may have been using her phone when she got the text.

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How about a threesome, you'll know if she has been faking ****** since the beginning your marriage


I vote for #140's suggestion.

lmao thats what i was thinking also why are you reading you wife's texts .. its called privacy

He glanced at her phone, not exactly snooping

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thats what i was thinking ! :P

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exacly what I was thinking!!!! woot woot!!!

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Seriously, threesome. Get at least one in before the divorce.

EXACTLY!!! What's the problem??? You win, FML it's your wife and not mine!

Fail. Why do people want threesomes anyway?

On the woman's side it's not so nice; but for the dude; you're having sex twice in one instance.

Yet if the roles were reversed and the female coworker were male how many guys would be shouting "THREESOME!!!" Then? You guys sicken me with your double standards and homophobia.

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Maybe it was the wrong number? Or maybe she doesn't mean anything by hands, and by mouth she meant talking? Honestly, don't jump to conclusions..

Actually I bet it was a joke. My best mate's father's friends wife (wow that was a mouthful) sent it to a friend of hers and she had a husband last christmas.


yeah, probably the wrong number. or she's a lesbian.

Probably bi, since she's married to a man... Of course it's possible that she never really loved him but I think in this story it's the most logical option that she's bi.

There were no implications of a loveless or loving relationship; just that they are married.

Or she named her lover ( as in male) a female name so you wont get suspicious

Relax. If you read my texts to my girlfriends, you'd think that not only was I a lesbian, that I was also married to one girl, engaged to three more, and dating many others. And that I had children with one or two of them. It's just casual teasing to combat homophobia.

Given the OPs response and the fact he's married to the woman, it would be fairly safe to that's not her usual behaviour and your fascinating anecdote is irrelevant.

Oh, it burns. So it's more likely that she's a secret lesbian/bi and he never knew a thing about it? Hmm. I guess that MUST be the case, since he knows absolutely everything about his wife and how she always interacts with every single one of her friends.

He reads his wife's text messages so yes, obviously he does have an idea of how she usually talks to her friends(ie. not like a 13 yr old retard who thinks acting bi-sexual is cool and shows how totally open minded you are)

Thank you; you've just proved how adept you are at jumping to conclusions, both in the OP's case and mine. I'm glad that you find unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks so very satisfying, but seeing as you're cheerfully making blanket statements completely outside of the evidence available to you, and since I have absolutely no interest in speaking to a figurative brick wall who seems to get great thrills out of antagonizing strangers on the internet, I must label you a sad internet instigator and move on.

Yes I'm jumping to conclusions in saying the guy probably knows how his wife talks with her friends... It's a huge leap of imagination. And I don't know where I would've gotten the idea that he reads her texts. What was I thinking... It's clearly "outside of the evidence available to me", unlike the reference the the hilarious claims with your friends you described. Please forgive my "ad hominem attacks" on your fascinating and zany exchanges with your high school girl friends. I see now why it is entirely relevant to the OPs FML about his marriage, to a woman he really probably doesn't know anywhere near as well as you know your crazy and original thinking high school buddies, and how yes, that's probably exactly what happened.