By n0taplumber - 16/11/2010 03:25 - United States

Today, I reached in between the couch cushions to see if my iPod had slipped in there. I didn't find my iPod, but I did find an old utility knife blade. With my fingers. FML
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What else would you use to find things between couch cushions? Toes?

so did you ever find your iPod?


Oh god. *grimace*

those damn ipods

Zunes: "They're taking our saaaongs!"

I see what you did there!vewy cwevah.

beanstar11 5

:( ouch

someone is terrible at Five Finger Fillet!

Quyzl 0

I think I just died a little at how much I appreciated that pun.

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you left out the most important part, know, the part where you say that your iPod was in your backpack or purse the whole time...

MrsLender_fml 3

halo? (:

MrsLender_fml 3

I was trying to respond to #5 and it posted it here for some reason .

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Let this be a life lesson...knives stay in pockets Couch cushions are for hiding "magazines" and articles of clothing that belong to other women

Couches are also good for bananas. People give me funny looks when I put bananas in my pockets.