By VictimofLaw - 07/01/2010 01:57 - United Kingdom

Today, the police stopped me for "driving irresponsibly" in the snowy conditions. After the 'lecture', they went to pull off in their Ford Focus Estate. Managing to go forward, they then hit a patch of ice and slid back. Instead of breaking or turning, they let it slide back into the front of my car. FML
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Usually they do use Astras, or they also have some police 4 x 4 they use for the stroud valley area in which I live, also they have a newer batch of focus estates. I was very near my own home, I was not "driving irresponsibly" at all. I was in second gear doing 10 mph down my street which -granted- is a slope and is bendy, but I know the road, i've driven in snow here before. Ive got a mk6 golf which has a clearly visible crack in the lower grate and also paintwork damage on the front of the bonnet and bumper. I did take the time to lecture them on road-condition awareness and also have got details so their insurance will be repairing my car. It's the general inconvenience tbh which pisses me off and the hypocrisy.

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if it's sliding on ice, braking or turning wouldn't really help. Nature hates you, not the cops. hope the damage wasn't bad.

I hope they don't find some way out of paying it. I know of quite a few examples of police causing damage to other people's cars, and then denying it and somehow getting out of it. Maybe they'll accuse you of driving into the back of them? :P


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apparently you care enough to reply

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since when was that bitchy pms 24/7 girl commenting on here- doodle?

holy shit, imma become a cop just so I can do this xD

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Do you want a poison cookie ... I mean special cookie :)

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if it's sliding on ice, braking or turning wouldn't really help. Nature hates you, not the cops. hope the damage wasn't bad.

Ah, the voice of reason. The police officer did something responsible drivers do and still had an accident. In the winter, that happens! You seem to imply you think this lets you off the hook—as if you really weren't an irresponsible driver—which would be an illogical conclusion.

That would be a premise, not a conclusion. And by the "voice of reason," I was signifying the comment above. That's what the indent means.

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This feels more like a win. I mean, they lectured you and then made asses of themselves. Unless they aren't responsible for the damage. Then FYL :(

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Actually, they're still technically responsible for not parking in a way that would avoid an accident (or at least I was about a month ago when I parked in front of my friend's house that just happened to be on the corner of the cul-de-sak). I'd sit their smiling at them. If they asked what was so funny, I'd say "The new Corvette I'm gonna buy with your money."

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haha u should rub It in their faces

The sad fact is though that they will probably manage to get away with not having to pay for anything because they work for the city. They'll be some kind of reason as to why it isn't their fault but somehow it is your fault.

Id get out of my car, walk up to their window and go;"You were saying Officer? I think you owe me some money and a damn good apology." Lol...but that would prolly land me in cuffs :P

I hope you wound down your window and did a massive LOL.

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