By Anonymous - 16/11/2010 06:34 - Netherlands

Today, I came home sick. After a while I received a text message. I thought it was a sweet 'how are you baby?' from my boyfriend. It wasn't. He sent: 'Hey, I'm going to work now. Please do not disturb. Thank you!' FML
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Quest_ 13

Oh my GOD. You received a polite text message from your boyfriend that indicated he was busy at work?! DUMP THE BASTARD ALL MEN ARE BASTARDS

get over it you emotional bitch he has a job, stop nagging him. im sick of FML's that are just boyfriends doing normal things. how about he quits his job and you pay for all his stuff then you can nag him all day long. geeez


It really sucks that you have to be in constant contact with your bf. I mean really, no one wants to spend every second in contact with someone. Well I guess immature brats like you do, but you are the exception.

That's kind of cannot assume anything about the relationship since you're not in it...there are a ton of variables that are unknown, thus the equation cannot be solved. Hope you understand...loser.♥

bamagrl410 31

Yea my boyfriend and I spend pretty much all our time together, and if not then we're texting. We have the same friends so we're either with them or by ourselves. It's not terrible to be in constant contact if you both want to be =)

Jojo08_fml 0

bullshit he's going to work... we alllll know why he doesn't wanna be distrbed

You would think he'd be more worried about you...

TheDrifter 23

After fifty texts or so you know she's sick and there is nothing you can do about it. Might as well get some work done, thus the message from op's bf.

And your life sucks how? Maybe the man keeps his phone on for emergencies and can't afford ro be constantly badgered by your unemployed ass.

schwancy 2

She's not unemployed. She's home sick.

CherryBomb511 3

She could be unemployed now because she went home sick; I've seen it happen before.

We see who you are. Probably never gonna get a boy/girlfriend. I mean. You do realize guys can be nice.

missL1z 5

Thank God I'm not alone! FYL n FML too!

FYLDeep 25

So don't disturb him... Better yet, make him a sammich.

smokeymcpottt 3

Give him a BJ... It solves everything.

Gloritank 8

Hes at work of course you shouldn't disturb him, unless you want him to lose his job.

ilovejeland 0

inconsiderate bastard.... fyl and dump that douche!

yeah bc she won't leave him alone while he is working? bitch deserves it

You seem like one of those people who would go home and post "S[HE] BE[LIE]VE[D]" as a Facebook status if the guy she was dating for 3 days sent a text like that to her.

This means that the boyfriend is cheating. Going to work, do not disturb. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?!?