By ordinaryday - 22/05/2012 12:21 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I reached a new level of commitment in my relationship with my boyfriend. This happened when he pooped on the side of the road beside my truck, while talking and making eye contact with me while wiping. FML
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Ahh young love. I don't remember it being that shitty. He was challenging you and asserting his dominance.


Lololol, atleast your relationship is good I guess. C: your obviously comfortable around him.

It is kind of creepy to look your girlfriend or boyfriend in the eye while their taking a shit thou. xD


Making eye contact while pooping and wiping is always a bad sign.

Actually, 11, it should be they're, the contraction of they and are.

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If OP didn't mind, I don't think she'd write an FML about it. I think OP's boyfriend is the one who's comfortable about it.

If OP minded, why maintain eye contact? Why not look away?

At least he didn't ask you to wipe for him?

They could also be implying that you are crap, and that he is wiping you off of his ass in his mind. Slap him in the face OP.

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55 - Because of how extremely awkward the situation would be. Whenever I see something I'm not supposed to (like someone picking their nose in public, ect), I'll look in shock or whatever, then turn away to give them privacy.

57 You must beat your boyfriend senseless daily if you normally make such grand assumptions from small actions. I think you may suffer from major PMS.

Considering I'm a guy, and would never harm my girlfriend, it was just a joke.

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he's practicing for when he'll propose while ********.

Actually, 33, since the subject of the sentence is 'girlfriend OR boyfriend' it is a singular subject, so "they're" would be incorrect as well. It should be while "he or she" is taking a shit. I wasn't going to go there, but since you were a douche about it and equally as incorrect I had no choice but to call you out.

I wasn't a douche about it. I did not talk down on them or try to make them feel bad about it. I said the mistake, and why it was a mistake. And, you contradicted yourself. You said their response was right, yet my correction was equally wrong. Which is it? Are we both right, or both wrong?

Actually, I said both you and the original poster were incorrect. No contradictions there. Though "they're" is more appropriate in that situation than "their," there was a more glaring error that needed to be addressed with respect to subject-verb agreement.

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Got to love young relationships!

This is strange and scary. Here's Dr. Zoidberg. (V) ( o,,,,o) (V) < whoopwhoopwhoopwhoop!

I'll take this as an opportunity to thread jack you... Despite being a homosexual I find women who drive trucks very attractive. Trucks are sexy. Yum.

He wasn't wiping it on the side of the truck was he?

And YOU kept the eye contact, intact.

I don't see how the dragon master has anything to do with this.

Polyester Oyster? What's he have to do with this?

Ahh young love. I don't remember it being that shitty. He was challenging you and asserting his dominance.

That's shitty. At least he didn't take a dump inside your truck?

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Otherwise, you'd be driving a dump truck!

If you had a problem with it, you could have at least looked away! :P

Really! No one makes you uncomfortable without your consent. Stop staring at the man and let him shit! Unless you're into that, in which case - well done, you!

You are a good girl friend OP. Some people just need support through shit like that.

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It's a new level of intimacy...not necessarily commitment.