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Today, I reached a new level of commitment in my relationship with my boyfriend. This happened when he pooped on the side of the road beside my truck, while talking and making eye contact with me while wiping. FML
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55 - Because of how extremely awkward the situation would be. Whenever I see something I'm not supposed to (like someone picking their nose in public, ect), I'll look in shock or whatever, then turn away to give them privacy.


Actually, 33, since the subject of the sentence is 'girlfriend OR boyfriend' it is a singular subject, so "they're" would be incorrect as well. It should be while "he or she" is taking a shit.
I wasn't going to go there, but since you were a douche about it and equally as incorrect I had no choice but to call you out.

  Drigr  |  9

I wasn't a douche about it. I did not talk down on them or try to make them feel bad about it. I said the mistake, and why it was a mistake. And, you contradicted yourself. You said their response was right, yet my correction was equally wrong. Which is it? Are we both right, or both wrong?


Actually, I said both you and the original poster were incorrect. No contradictions there. Though "they're" is more appropriate in that situation than "their," there was a more glaring error that needed to be addressed with respect to subject-verb agreement.