By Anonymous - 28/01/2011 19:59 - United Kingdom

Today, I got home from working late and decided to write a cute email to my girlfriend since I haven't seen her in two weeks. I was about to finish it off when my door swung open, and in a panic, I opened another tab to hide my email. It was porn. FML
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Am I the only one confused on why he felt he needed to hide the email?

Was the porn your inspiration?


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smooth :D !!!

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Was the porn your inspiration?

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that face like a spiral

(came) in haha.

*sophmoric voice* ehuehe...came...EHEUEHEUHEUHEHUHE

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that happened to me before . to bad it was gay porn I had on . no homo

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Saying "no homo" adds something to a sentence that screams gay. If "you're good-looking" doesn't sound gay, "you're good-looking, no homo" makes it gay. So a sentence about opening gay porn with "no homo" in it.. Well, that brings the image of Big Gay Al dressed in heels and neon pink feathers, skipping around and singing about kissing a boy and liking it.

aka ye has let to leave the closet

Why "No-homo"? Embrace your gay-ness dude! I certainly embrace mine! :)

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That's gay. No homo. (Kidding ofc)

It's ok. From a guys stand point, to get caught watching porn is better than getting caught sending a "cute email" to your girlfriend.

I thumbed you. The good way.

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I kinda disagree. I guess it depends on who walks in. If it's family, I'll take the email. If it's a friend.. Well, I have good friends who like my girlfriend, and know I do stuff like that, so I wouldn't care. Porn would be awkward, though.

Am I the only one confused on why he felt he needed to hide the email?

Ya same too many questions really, such as who does he live with? His family, room mate or wife/girlfriend. The first one I don't know why he would want to hide it from his family unless it was a surprise or something. A room mate or friend doesn't make sense either maybe a surprise or told he them he wasn't dating for some reason. Personally I think he was cheating on his girlfriend or wife, makes the most sense if he wants to desperately keep it a secret.

Wow I had to read it again because of other comments, was it really because it was cute... wow.YDI then.

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Maybe he was surprised about the person coming in and quickly switched because it's habit? That's what I do when I'm on the computer and someone walks in. Even if it's not something bad. It's just a reaction. Then again I'm probably wrong and I deserve the thumbs down I'm going to get. Either one *shrugs*

Why is it a fml? Was it your gf or something? Who opened the door?