By soapypete - 22/10/2010 13:26 - United States

Today, before a big client pitch I went into their office bathroom to quickly slick down my hair. It had two identical automatic faucets, one for water and one for hand soap. Now my hair is full of soap, and smells like industrial strength lavender. FML
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You can't tell the difference between soap and water??

even if you couldn't tell the two faucets apart, you didn't notice what was in your hand? really? fail.


Or now it doesn't say first anymore? Ok nevermind.

lol. who the heck slicks their hair down in the last 15 years? then I saw you were from New Jersey...

austinkiser 3

I don't get this is op dumb isn't soap thicker than water? so this fml is fake

nice dp #40 XD m/

alsnyder12 0

my favorite kind of lavender

how the hell do you not realize it's lavendar scented soap BEFORE you put it in your hair?!?!?!!?!??!?

only fags slick nowadays ydi

stephanie0613 0

O was thinking the exact same the 65, you Op fail! Can you not tell the difference in the texture of water and soap?

DeesFMLs 0

wouldn't you realise that it soap before you put it in your hair?? Dumbarse.

Can't you just rinse it out?

calm down; he's from new jersey

Lavender smells good... I don't see the problem.

sweetcheeksjvl 0

Good thing ur a dude you can fix your hair easy.Ehh who cares you smell like lavender it's not the end of the world.

omg he's hot lol

AnimeGirl1 10

Lavender is actually a great way to calm yourself down. So its not a bad thing, right?

that's what you get for not paying attention Dipshit. slicking your hair with water? who does that anymore? you think you're Henry Winkler?

he did it with grease u artard

Well at least you smell good.

At least you know you're clean!

Not particularly clean. He has a lot of soap scum in his hair.

I'm so tired of these boyfriends cheating with best friends scandals. cheap girls and manwhores

Uggg comments are being weird. This was not the comment I said "wrong FML" to.

jinxthejinx 0

Wrong FML.

mrKronZombie 1

what the fuck you talking bout that doesn't even pertain to this fml

mmm... soap. Shampoo not good enough for ya, OP?

mintcar 9

Oh, this isn't so bad.

Wirebiter 0

This isn't even a big deal, really.

DaleksAreEpic 0

That's just what I thought.

perdix 29

You'll do fine on the Jersey Shore this weekend, Guido. I'm sure Snooki will love your sob story.

Sexywifey91 0

dj pauly! yumm:)

FYLDeep 25

It's a Jersey thing.

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I agree with #12!!!

You can't tell the difference between soap and water??

Igor_g5 0

13. Exactly what I was gonna say. When you put it in your hands before you put it on your hair you don't notice that it's soap?

sccrismyantidrg 4

Maybe it was the really cheap watery soap? I still doubt that someone couldn't tell the difference.

lmao exactly.