By Kirta - 09/11/2009 15:18 - Canada

Today, while finishing up raking leaves, I decided it would be a fun idea to jump into them. After rolling around in the leaves for a bit, I smelled something funny. Turns out I was rolling around in dog shit. FML
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Until now, I wasn't aware that people under the age of nine submitted FMLs.

(in Horatio Caine voice) "Well it seems the poo...(quickly puts on shades)... is on YOU". ...YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHHHH......


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whats the diffrence between a black guy and a piece of shit?

What the **** is wrong wth you? Totally unneccessary comment, asshole.

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nothing. Oh wait thats offensive to the piece of shit nvm

wow you're so funny man i bet the kids you had with your sister really love you!

WTF y she deserve it wtf is wrong with u people "oh u deserve it becuz ur a retard" .. -.-

YDI for trying so hard to hang on to your childhood and refusing to get on with the rest of your life.

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Unregistered, I can see your future. You are going to be the stupid racist prick who gets shot at, then claims it wasn't your fault that "those people" can't take a joke. Then you will go to prison with the KKK and be anal raped by some big guy named Butch. Have fun being someone's bitch. What's the difference between a black hole and Unregistered's ass? The black hole is slightly smaller.

The piece of shit are a lot more smaller, and it is remains of anything you eat. A black guy is a person with all the human rights that anyone else got.

y would u say that how mean now I want to kick ur ugly face

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jazzy1432 stop being a dick I found the comment funny u retard! (:

dude, **** your life. that happened to me when i was like 8. it sucked. though i didn't really roll around in it. i just got it on my pant leg.

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Next time you ought to save yourself the effort of raking up the leaves and just roll around in the dogshit directly. If you think you smelled "funny" this time, wait until you realize how hilarious you'll smell if you jumped straight on a steaming pile of Fido's doo-doo!

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Ugh, I've done this before. FYL indeed.

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FYL not for rolling in dog shit but for thinking rolling around in leaves would be fun

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Hey Chbolnik, come here --- look like dog shit to me...