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  iBanana  |  17

What you should do.
1. Rent a plane
2. Attach said bloomers to the children.
3. Push them out of the plane.
You'll have 2 unanswered questions. Are your underwear big enough to be a parachute? If answer is yes, why aren't YOU parachuting with your undergarments?!

By  w_introuble  |  25

Well, at least they still know how to have fun with things they create themselves? You know, kids became so unoriginal with all the technology they have :-P funny but fyl op!


Guess some people couldn't take a joke... Dang. I mean seriously, who hasn't parachuted, or attempted to, off something? Most try bunk beds, others.. they just jump off anything with a sheet or towel.

By  FitForFun  |  11

Well I mean I'm a horrible baby sitter so I'd probably tell them to practice using them to glide down from the stairs or off the roof, then take it to the sky diving level if it works. If not you can always patch up the wholes and try again.

By  buddy51  |  23

Oh kids, they just say what's on everyone's mind anyway....
Well, at least they didn't ask if they could use it for their personal hot air balloon, OP....
Time for a little attention to some weight loss??