By imnotacat - 20/07/2011 01:29 - United States

Today, I was riding on the bus, when I felt a weird sensation on my hair. The person behind me was petting it. FML
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well maybe he couldnt resist ur fuzzy soft hair :3

it sounds like a shampoo commercial


LOL!! that's funny. so how is this an FML?

well maybe he couldnt resist ur fuzzy soft hair :3

suddenly he says "nice girl"

Loreal, because you're worth it.


22 that reminds me of yugioh the abridge series.

you can stroke many things, but not my hair muddafukkah.

-42 What sorts of things do you want me to stroke?

*47, things that you should keep in YOUR pants mann.

-50 Well sorry if it was provocative! Just all off this talk about stroking..

*52, that hand that you're in a passionate relationship would not approve.

-53 -53 We've broken up, I caught him cheating with FunnyGuy5051. I'm free!

was op sitting in front of lennie small?

Maybe it's Maybelline...

Mmmmm how beutifuly creepy

55. you can stroke my pussy. I meant cat pervert!

Who's a good girl, who's a good girl.

-110 What is with you dolphin! Now you're teasing me!!! Why!

*98 maybelline is makeup bro :-D

Hair action is the fuckin best.

34 you are really dumb fo real!!

Pretty. So, so pretty. And soft. Ahhh. Sir Creeps McGee.

Everybody needs a little hair actionnnnn.

Who's a good girl, who's a good girl.

Maybe it's Maybelline.

Turn around and purr or bark

it sounds like a shampoo commercial

Clearly someone's been doing the Herbal!

That's what the Axe hair gel does to you. Haven't you seen the commercials?

was it Angela Kinsey? with some root touch up?

.... I do that all the time

that horses head looks like a penis^

Your penis looks like a penis.

I'm guessing ecstasy was involved... "Your hair... your hair is so... SOFT! How do you do that? OOH, these clothes!"

more likely tripping balls You ever seen the back of a $5 bill........ ON WEED?!?

That's a nice everything you have there.....sssssSSS

maybe he was blind?

Stranger danger! STRANGER DANGER!!!!

That's not awkward at all..

It's not something my summer camp director did to me... Who am I kidding.

No, not really.

he likes your hair, take the compliment

Maybe they were cleaning it, you should thank them!

Very nice sensation, eh?

You'll get moderated pretty soon...

OP should've started meowing lol.

hair fetischist!

At least it wasn't pubic hair.

Since when did a bus become a zoo? Smdh!

Since you came out of your moms vagina.