By imnotacat - 20/07/2011 01:29 - United States

Today, I was riding on the bus, when I felt a weird sensation on my hair. The person behind me was petting it. FML
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well maybe he couldnt resist ur fuzzy soft hair :3

it sounds like a shampoo commercial


LOL!! that's funny. so how is this an FML?

well maybe he couldnt resist ur fuzzy soft hair :3

suddenly he says "nice girl"

Thunderbender 2

Loreal, because you're worth it.


22 that reminds me of yugioh the abridge series.

littlemissFYL 5

you can stroke many things, but not my hair muddafukkah.

-42 What sorts of things do you want me to stroke?

littlemissFYL 5

*47, things that you should keep in YOUR pants mann.

-50 Well sorry if it was provocative! Just all off this talk about stroking..

littlemissFYL 5

*52, that hand that you're in a passionate relationship would not approve.

-53 -53 We've broken up, I caught him cheating with FunnyGuy5051. I'm free!

was op sitting in front of lennie small?

Maybe it's Maybelline...

Mmmmm how beutifuly creepy

55. you can stroke my pussy. I meant cat pervert!

Who's a good girl, who's a good girl.

-110 What is with you dolphin! Now you're teasing me!!! Why!

littlemissFYL 5

*98 maybelline is makeup bro :-D

Hair action is the fuckin best.

DKParth13 5

34 you are really dumb fo real!!

Pretty. So, so pretty. And soft. Ahhh. Sir Creeps McGee.

Everybody needs a little hair actionnnnn.

Who's a good girl, who's a good girl.

Maybe it's Maybelline.

gynoid 0

Turn around and purr or bark

it sounds like a shampoo commercial

Clearly someone's been doing the Herbal!

That's what the Axe hair gel does to you. Haven't you seen the commercials?

KayDayParade 0

was it Angela Kinsey? with some root touch up?

theten_fml 9

.... I do that all the time

MizzErikaHart 8

that horses head looks like a penis^

Your penis looks like a penis.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Creeper Alert!

Dragon_Beast 4


I'm guessing ecstasy was involved... "Your hair... your hair is so... SOFT! How do you do that? OOH, these clothes!"

enonymous 8

more likely tripping balls You ever seen the back of a $5 bill........ ON WEED?!?

MizzErikaHart 8


That's a nice everything you have there.....sssssSSS

laplander_fml 0

maybe he was blind?

DKjazz 20

Stranger danger! STRANGER DANGER!!!!

That's not awkward at all..

It's not something my summer camp director did to me... Who am I kidding.

No, not really.

scruffy_janitor5 1

he likes your hair, take the compliment

Maybe they were cleaning it, you should thank them!

LolMoqz 10

Very nice sensation, eh?

You'll get moderated pretty soon...

itzNaynay 0

Good Kitty ;)

OP should've started meowing lol.

itzNaynay 0

^^ win

hair fetischist!

At least it wasn't pubic hair.

Since when did a bus become a zoo? Smdh!

Since you came out of your moms vagina.