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Today, I was walking to the gym when the woman in front of me dropped some cash. I picked it up and tried to get her attention. She saw the money and thought I was trying to pay her to sleep with me. FML
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CammyGal 26

And this problem couldn't be fixed with a simple explanation?

I don't know how people can be so presumptuous.


CammyGal 26

And this problem couldn't be fixed with a simple explanation?

Damian95 16

Sometimes people don't realize they can simply talk things out.

She just escalated things way too quickly...

You guys are missing the point here, OP got the money! May have lost some dignity but I mean... Dignity comes at a price eh? Eh? Okay :( bye

1- Maybe the lady was so pissed op couldn't even say any word, and when he finally explained himself, enough time had passed for him to think: "FML, what a shitty day". I mean if OP could have done anything I don't see why he wouldn't have. Let's not assume and just agree on the lady's bad reaction and say 'people these days'.

SwaggCapone 11

That woman sounds extremely conceited

#79 are we naming random countries and replacing the first letter with ' and the first vowel with u? If so, here I go. 'Unada

I think the real question is, did she take the "offer"? OP never stated she was angry or anything. Maybe she was flattered and tried to take it. Now OP is left with a creepy stalker who keeps trying to sleep with him. Such a twist!

See it as a food money!!

... I like big butts and I can not lie...

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therealafroninga 10

I bet she skipped a mile afterwards too.

I don't know how people can be so presumptuous.

Most people actually jump to conclusions way too fast..

SystemofaBlink41 27

Yeah, I would even understand her assuming him stealing, but trying to sleep with her?

@52 while reading the FML I thought it would go down to that...boy was I wrong

imtooshy 18

Did she eventually take her money that she dropped or you were paid for her insult?

I'd say she's really got a problem if the first thought of someone holding cash is trying to solicit sex from her. That's just not normal. FYL OP, you were just treated like a creeper!

Why do I have a feeling that this actually happened to her before. She may need a wardrobe change or should go easy on the makeup.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

OR she should wear whatever clothes and makeup she chooses to, but take an additional 5 seconds to assess social interactions she has with people in order to grasp what's happening.

bamagrl410 31

She obviously has low self esteem. If she views herself poorly, she'll then assume that other people do as well and lash out at them for it in her anger/ insecurity. I'm pretty sure there's a psychological term for it, but I can't remember what it is unfortunately...

ise3 10

Anyone else thinking potential porno intro?

Actually, I thought of Pootie Tang "You think that just cuz a girl likes to dress fancy and stand on the corner next to some ******, that she's hookin?"

ervington 8

What is wrong with paying for sex? Nothing.

Everything is wrong about it. The fact that you are willing to spend money on sex as opposed to spending the time to form a relationship with someone is extremely wrong.

Sometimes you just gotta f*ck. As long as you're not in a relationship, and it's mutually-compliant sex, everything's good.

TheDrifter 23

Do you buy your significant other gifts? Pay their bills if you make more than them? Then you're paying for sex, this way just eliminates the relationship as a negotiating method.

It's illegal for starters and usually leads to the spread of diseases, corruption & crime.

The fact that it is illegal is what causes disease, corruption and crime.

ervington 8

47, thank you. It was a joke, but thanks for standing up for me.

69- it's not illegal everywhere, there are even places in the US where it's legal.

Revan501 15

OP did you not try to explain that she dropped the money?

Have to wonder exactly how you were trying to get her attention

"Hey, get on your knees!" That seems to work wonders for me.

"hey looking for a date", (as you wave the money)

After that, I would have just said NVM and kept the cash.

What an arrogant woman, as if you'd sleep with her... people are so insolent sometimes.