By Nick - 20/07/2013 19:37 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I was babysitting a little boy for the first time. He kept using all sorts of profanity toward me the whole evening, so I told his mom when she picked him up. She just grunted and muttered, "Fucking cunt-ass snitch." FML
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aliyourpally 12

Well, we know where he learned it from.

The apple doesn't fall so far from the tree.


aliyourpally 12

Well, we know where he learned it from.

Who who? Surely not the mom, right? :P

friedpwnadge 25

Son of a bitch! Wait what? Yeah you heard me.


You didn't need to point that out.

I wonder if the childs mother learned that from her mother

The apple doesn't fall so far from the tree.

Except when an Apple-nado storms through town. Will my idea make millions, too? :D

Pwn17 25

What the hell are you talking about?

35 - They're talking about that stupid new movie Sharknado.

I'll take that as a no... It's not my fault the media people have horrible scifi taste ;)

But this apple must have gotten run over by a lawn mower or something.

asoptavlo14 6

What the hell is going on with this comment feed

RedPillSucks 31

Careful she doesn't cut your ass, cause snitches get stitches

Snitches are bitches that wake up with stitches in ditches

CallMeMcFeelii 13

This is the moment for OP to bring up his pimp hand and say "What the **** you just call me!?" Then slowly walk towards the exit, pimp hand still waving strong. Intimidating, yet a peaceful resolution with dignity still intact.

DKjazz 20

Snitches are bitches that wake up in ditches with stitches, but without britches, because they were catching while Mitch pitches.

Trailer trash Where they head to the Jerry Springer show

As opposed to the more common entitled rich kids who have no rules.

Translation: Those people were trailer trash. Where were they headed to, the Jerry Springer Show?

I am not sure how to respond to this...

football98_fml 20

no wonder where he learns all those swear words from...

the child can't be better if the mom is going to not mind how she speaks around him.

Agreed - my first thought was 'more like **** that kid's life'...he doesn't stand a chance...even schools can't help much if the mum is completely unwilling to support them.

i advise not going have much patience

Stop with the excessive periods. That was painful to read.

You shall like this period. Or that period. Or this period. Period. By the way, I did thumb your comment up 25. I'm just gently trolling you.

illkatt09 9

The period is right next to the spacebar so I doubt he did that purposely. He probably didn't proofread it before posting.

Pressing that tiny button so many times as opposed to the long ass button is amazing 7. I've signed you up for Americas got talent!

has anybody ever used android? the space bar on my phone isn't perfectly in the center, whereas the period is close to the center of the screen. but that is not an excuse for laziness. and you're right 77.

cottoncandymango 17

Glad to know that it is because of the mom and not you!