By lovedbyallthewrongppl - 28/11/2010 01:03 - United States

Today, I was teaching my two year old daughter how to take a person's temperature. While I was sitting down, she came up behind me and shoved the thermometer in my ear hard. Now I can't hear out of my right ear, and I'm in excruciating pain. FML
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YDI for trying to teach that to a 2 year old!


LOL i like your daughter though she may be possessed by the devil id watch my slef if i was you

super idiot, who taught u to take temp by shoving the thermometer in the ear anyways! the ones u can use on ears are not even long enough to cause injury... at least know what u doing before teaching ur kid!

10 i think you are the super idiot it never said she taught her how to do it in the ear. also she's 2 it's not like she realized that what she did was wrong

10 36 you 2 are missing the point. No matter what was taught an object small enough to enter the ear should never be laying around for a 2 year old to play with. Thank God it was your ear and not hers OP! YDI

I thought a thermometer was too short to go in the ear. They just seal around the opening to get a reading.

lol...thats awesome...lucky it wasn't a rectal thermometer...

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There are few times where it's okay to punch a child in the face. This is one of them.

Ok similar thing had happened to me. Most likely your eardrum is cut or bruised. Mine was cut. If you don't want to pay for it, wait about 2-4 weeks for it to heal. If it starts bleeding see a doctor immediately. For the meanwhile, DON'T put anything in the ear(obviously) and don't even touch it. If you wake up with a really sore ear, see a doctor. Good luck.

YDI for trying to teach that to a 2 year old!

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No kidding. To both the comment and the reply

Hey, how do you expect her to become a doctor by the age of 3 if we don't start her off early!

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This sounds like the one from a while back when the toddler tried to clean her dad's ear with a cotton swab or something of that nature. That sucks, but YDI for leaving the thermometer where she could get to it while you weren't looking.

beat that kid... You won't be able to hear the cries LOL!

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I think he thinks lol means lots of love.

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Haha I thought you said "penis." But yeah, sometimes kids are nothing but trouble.

Why would you teach a 2-year-old how to do that anyways? I mean, the little darling is still a toddler! She doesn't need that information yet.

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Exactly, #9. The motor control of a 2 year old is not particularly precise, either.

Why are you teaching a two year old how to take a persons temperature? Do you want her to be a doctor by the age of 10 or something?

Lololol that was freaking amazing!! :D

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This reminds me of that scene in Family Guy: "You docta yet?" "No dad I'm only 13." "Talk to me when you docta."

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I'm just happy it's the ear. Half way through reading it I thought it was somewhere else. LMFAO

yeah I thought she was going to say that her two year stuck it up her butt...-__-

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She should be happy it was her ear? Do you really think it would hurt worse to have a thermometer up your butt, than piercing your eardrum?

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#18, and I assume the OP was fully clothed, too. Some people just don't think before they comment.

13 never said op should be glad it was in the ear, just that she herself was. maybe she didn't want to read about thermometers piercing the anal sphincter, or maybe she's a freak who wants the op to be in pain(: but she might just be slightly unintelligent/uninformed in that comment

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you are a ******* idiot and kids are dumb

What do you expect? The kid to be a master surgeon? Yeah the OP has a ruptured ear drum, but at least she learned something out of it.