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Today, I put on a shirt that said, "Skilled in every position." My boyfriend took one look and said, "Since when?" FML
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Top comments're the very epitome of classy, aren't you?

It's called a double entendre, "bro". It's supposed to sound sexual without being overtly sexual. Get it? And don't call me "bro". I already have two of them, and that's quite enough.


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You should probably read a sex positions book to get better

Or he should. Maybe she is skilled. . . Just not with her current boyfriend. :P It takes two!'re the very epitome of classy, aren't you?

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She's so classy, she makes Marie Antoinette and Kate Middleton turn green with envy. Haven't you heard? (sarcasm)

#3 I guess the: "I'm not a Doctor but I'll still take a look!" T-shirt won't apply to you! (:

20 - Kate Middleton is considered classy now?

It's called a double entendre, "bro". It's supposed to sound sexual without being overtly sexual. Get it? And don't call me "bro". I already have two of them, and that's quite enough.

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45- Hahaha, well shit, he told you.

I think those kinds of shirts are actually a bit funny. I've never really thought class had anything to do with them. Although I don't wear them myself, I've always found shirts like that to literally be more humorous than serious but that's just how I feel about it.

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Doc your a dick and tell your bf he isn't getting sex :p

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That was a stupid remark smurf, there is nothing in any of these comments that has anything to do with homosexuality. Go to your room and think about what you have done (since you obviously are 12 years old and have to insult people with homosexuality) Oh and by the way, You're* Don't come back until you have matured

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What did I say about homosexuality? I just thought it was uncalled for when that guy called him "bro" and doc just snapped on the guy

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Oh I see the misconception I was talking to op to tell her to tell her bf no sex :/ my fault

41 - Kate Middleton is the wife of Prince William. I believe you're thinking of Kate Upton, the model.

Nope, I know who Kate Middleton is. The one who married into the royal parasite family and then got pictures of her breasts all over the papers. Classy.

64- I don't think it's very fair to assume she's not classy. She went away with her husband to a secluded resort, and the paparazzi actively searched them out. I think if she wanted her husband to rub lotion on her while topless that's just fine... They're just people after all, and it's not as though it's a crime to want to be intimate with your husband. I think the person who took the photos should be ashamed, intruding on their personal time like that.

64 - I apologize, I haven't heard of that scandal. My fault.

It is what she said...when she was asking her husband to take out the trash and he complained...seriously, that one was just to broad, you can't say it at everything, because then it just ruins the joke

You were pretty much asking for it by wearing that shirt in the first place. Of course people will give you comments on it.

Um, anyone who gives a shit about "their woman" would let her wear whatever the heck she wants.

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30- actually the shirt she was wearing is a shirt made by Nike, it's a basketball shirt referring to the positions in basketball

30, explain to me how you aren't a sexist piece of shit.

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Aw, don't have a cow, girl. He was kidding. It isn't like he implied you're a missionary, in which case, tell him he can't get nun.

Try to take it a compliment. Tell him, You're Not a **** so you need him to show you the "ropes"... ((And handcuffs...)) ;)

If you're wearing a shirt that says "Skilled in Every Position", you're probably a ****.

When girls talk about (or even just make reference to) sex, they're *****? Is this world going backwards?

My favorite position is to be CEO! We are talking about work, right? :P

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YDI. Those shirts always get attention and unfortunate remarks.

Yes, which means the OP really doesn't have the right to complain that what she got wasn't the kind of attention she was misguidedly hoping for.