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  SuperMew  |  22

I think she shouldn't leave things like that alone. Not saying she needs to get into huge arguments over the comment, but he needs to understand what he said hurt her feelings. If he thinks she is unattractive naked, then that is something he could have kept to himself.

  DeviOomaki  |  9

I've actually Been through a few who focused more on looks than heart. I'd say I know a little bit. OP's boyfriend, though we don't know what happened after or what kind of relationship they have, shouldn't care about her body shape if he loves her. It might have just been a wayward comment and/or joke. That's a girls take on this. Sorry if I offended anyone with my comment, but it is true. Why do you think girls try so hard to look perfect?


Maybe he's a guy that watches too much porn and thinks all girls have hourglass figures. Some guys have this "ideal" in their head and anything else just falls short. I'm more so wondering why he's with the op if he has a problem with how she looks?

Op- Sorry he made such a d!ckhead comment:/ Sounds like he was born without a filter.