By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my boyfriend was wearing a new shirt he had bought over the weekend. It was really cute and I always borrow his shirts so I asked to borrow his new one. He replied with, "Okay but please don't stretch this one." FML
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By  pancakes_n_syrup  |  0

Well maybe if you know you're not the same size, you shouldn't borrow his clothes. but FYL for being bigger than your boyfriend.

When you've reached that point..I think it's a hint that you need to diet

By  ZiggyMorrison  |  0

1. He prolly doesnt realize that if you have decent sized tits thats going to stretch it out
2. It could be a muscle shirt that guys like being skin tight and even if your only a little bit thicker than he is than it could stretch it out

By  Socrates_fml  |  0

definitely the boobs, unless u don't have them. no guy wants to walk around with a shirt hanging out in the front making it look like he has moobs. not a bad thing. if anything, be proud that ur boobs r too much for his shirts to handle

By  ThatsAli3  |  0

i like wearing my boyfriends clothes. but i don't normally stretch it out. and usually only sweatshirts when im cold. it sucks that he said that though. maybe he was trying to tell you something?