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Today, I started a new blog that I've been planning for weeks. So far, the only comments I've received are a dozen spam links, two people correcting my grammar, and a lady telling me I'm going to burn in hell for calling the Pope a noob. FML
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Hey, I'm the OP. For your information, my grammar was impeccable. The people correcting it were American readers "correcting" stuff such as "colour", "realise", and the usual suspects. As for calling the Pope a noob, it was joking. I was ranting about the Africa situation actually, and I said he's a noob to the real world if he thinks celibacy is going to fix it. Thanks for demonising me, though! Anyone who thinks I deserve to be threatened with eternal hellfire for writing my opinions is stupid. I've shut the thing down until I write more material, because people in general are ******* stupid.

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Wow, what a fail. Americans (in general, because I am one) can't seem to accept that some English-speaking countries spell words differently... actually I think they were spelled that way before America butchered the language.


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Op needs to get his priorities straight if he has been planning a blog for weeks only to call the Pope a noob.

N3WB* Amidoin'itright?

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OP deserves it. No one calls the Pope a n00b without receiving due punishment.

I agree. What did the pope ever do to you??

God shall smite thee!

57- What did the Pope ever do FOR him?

Welcome to the Internet.

The pope ain't a noob... He's that traitor in the game who appears to be of the forces of good but turns out to be secretly the evil overlord.

The only thing which could have provoked OP to do this, would be if the Pope gave him the tea-bagging of a lifetime on multiplayer.

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58- ******* awesome pic


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77 - Well said (:

^^ This. How could something so inane take so long to plan?? And you're mad that people don't like it? Maybe you should rethink this whole blogging thing.

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9- you are apart of the nation that means you rock :)

77 - that sounds so much like an MMO action game I play, Dragon Nest. Almost exactly the storyline.

He's a cookin' a somethin' up!

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FML for starting a blog and not using spell check/grammar check

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You don't call the pope a noob! You just don't do that!

Wait, you DIDN'T expect people to respond in this way? Try writing something people actually want to read then...

My English no good .I see your message and feel very well.I don't konw that understand my means?

Hee hee; 69 downvotes :P

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163- Ikr?

what?? who said you're own fault?

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I laughed at that last one... FYL, but correct your grammar~!

That is more visitors than a typical new blog... what I suggest is make money off them using google adwords...

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hey vendeep, stop looking at me like I'm a walking paycheck dammit

Ok any blog that calls the pope a n00b has to be funny. I'll read it.

What's the name of your blog? I'll comment :)

Did a search and I haven't found it yet, so same here. I'll either leave a positive comment or a constructive one. :)

The Pope has taken it down. I guess he's the admin of the Internet

Sounds like ur own fault.

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Look, you can't even spell "Your" right and you're saying it's his fault? SuM PpL wRiTe LiKe ThIs and it's annoying as hell. Can you say "hypocrisy"?

eatdemcupcakes A simple correction just saying, oh, I don't know "your*" would have been just fine.

5 - agreed... A blog that calls the pope a noob doesn't sound professional or even slightly good. If this is the result of weeks of planning, then FYL

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Yupp, you're probably going to burn in hell for that. And how is he a noob when he's an old man?

Or no corrections, because it's the Internet and I'm pretty sure you know what it meant so why not leave it alone. Their bad grammar is only dragging them down. :)

28 needs to chill out, and realize that spelling is not the only thing that constructs a readable sentence.

28, You seem able to say hypocrisy, but I don't think you've quite grasped the meaning of it.

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I don't think it's their fault that their blog isn't as awesome as Barney stintsons'

What's a "youare own fault"?

#189, I don't see anyone correcting #5 with '*you're'.

Don't give up, eventually your target audience will find you. It takes time.

Start talking about interesting stuff then

Exactly! If all you are going to do is disrespect the pope who means a lot to many people, you will recieve hate! And I really don't feel sorry for you, OP. I'm not religous in any way, but i still find it important to respect others. You brought it on yourself.YDI

#71-- It's one thing to disrespect a religion, which is rude, but it's stupid to think that disrespecting the pope, who is just a human, is wrong. Having a large fan club doesn't make you immune to criticism-- if it did, Obama and Justin Bieber should never be criticized because it's "offensive." Yes, of course he's going to receive negative responses, but if all he said was criticism of the pope and the pope's actions/stances (which probably aren't all representative of every Catholic's) then he didn't technically do anything wrong.

120- I'm not saying the pope is some kind of God, all I'm saying is don't disrespect people. Don't disrespect ANYBODY. In this case, the pope.

120, If you disrespect bieber or any other person you should expect responses defending them. It's pretty common sense.

#158-- I never said you shouldn't expect people to comment in their defense, I said that criticizing them in the first place is not inherently wrong. "Yes, of course he's going to receive negative responses" ... Yeah.

If he criticized him that would be one thing, but 'noob'? Really? Op said it was a joke, though. Without understanding what he fully said, I can't make a judgement on that. Still, anything online is going to get negativity or stupid comments. You're putting yourself out there for such. Is it nice? No, but that's the Internet. Do something because you like it no matter what, not to get popular. If you are doing what you like to do, try to ignore the negative and idiotic comments.

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Absolutely, the Pope is many things, but a n00b he is not.

Rocks can be pretty religious... Eye of the beholder!

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What if rocks actually have this huge religion like Rockism or something and they're all super religious?

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I like trains ._.

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Are you hosting the blog yourself? Set up some good spam prevention software. And don't kick off your posts being so controversial. And if there's something up with your grammar, fix it. I've been blogging since 2005.

Yeah, when blogging was actually semi-cool/popular

Talk about how Justin bieber is gay. That will get you so many fans!

original idea there 13

Someone wasn't taking notes on the Sarcastic Comments chapter in Internet 101...

I think you need to look up the correct definition of Noob...