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By  Bulldozer36  |  21

Valid question imo

By  hannakin  |  16

I smell a breakup brewing

  WasabiMars  |  21

#1 You thought they would break up over a t-shirt and an honest question? You must have had some really deep, meaningful relationships to have even contemplated that comment... let alone post it. Good for you. *rolls eyes*

  1dvos_grl3  |  21

Hun, if she broke up with him for something like that then that's pathetic. He was more than likely trying to be funny. If I was in that situation I'd be a smart ass right back.

By  TordNorski  |  30

FML my boyfriend doesn't like my shirt and enjoys sex with me. FML

  EyesofStone  |  27

I'd appreciate the honesty, but I also wouldn't want to have sex after being made to feel unattractive. Not trying to punish him or anything, I just wouldn't want to have sex when I don't feel sexy.

  Mauskau  |  35

Not sure about you guys but if I had a bf I'd happily have sex with him no matter what happened earlier on in the day(excluding fights over big things like cheating). I often find clothes that look nice on the hanger but look rubbish on me, and I usually need someone else to agree with me when I'm not sure.

  PharmacyJoe  |  13

To be fair, if she responded with "no" to that question, she would be proving to her boyfriend that she's only looking for compliments and not honesty, and that if he's honest with her he will be punished.

Now, if she had said "I wasn't planning on having sex tonight anyway, dear," that would be different. She would be indicating that his honesty is important to her, AND she wasn't going to withhold sex from him if he answered her question truthfully.

  devildog562  |  33

The response to "I wasn't planning on it.", is always , " who plans on sex?" Then the tricky part, keep it interesting and fun.

Withholding sex would be dumb regardless , assume both enjoyed it, but it's like answering ,"does this dress make me look fat?" With ," yes but I'll still tap that fat ass."
Sometimes thinkin with both heads is a dangerous game.

By  Bulldozer36  |  21

Valid question imo

  BeastyMcbeast  |  19

.- Period, usually used to end a written statement.
"Sally finished the sentence by placing a period on her page."
Also see:
Exclamation point
Question mark