By FMyLife5915 - 04/09/2010 04:15

Today, I found out what "supersoaked" means. I thought it meant getting shot by a water gun, which is why I laughed when my daughter's boyfriend said he "supersoaked" her. FML
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FMLsOhilarious 6

A boy cumming all over a girls face, mimicking a supersoaker water gun. That's what it means. She asked what it meant guys...not where she could find its meaning.

We aint spiderman no moo...we a supersoak that hoe...


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so what does it mean??? lol

I'm guessing cum on the face?

ouch... what a whore win for the dude though

denbeste 3

where is the fml? boohoo she's sexually active, whine more.

so did he cum on her face?, doubled fist her?, walked around the corner and cum her? or all 3????

SunshineBoy21 0

I agree with #17, #15 your an idiot! I have two daughters and if (when they are old enough to date:) their boyfriend said something like that to me - he'd be picking his teeth up off the ground and pulling his dick out of his ass!

I agree 21 but I still want to know which 1.

SunshineBoy21 0

Which one what? What the OP's daughter's boyfriend did? Which method of 'supersoaking' he did on or to her? Does it matter? He was talking to her parents! If he doesn't respect her parents, one can only imagine how he is treating their daughter. Well I guess we know one thing he's doing with her ;)

mona_is_here 10

Your daughter's boyfriend is an idiot. What the heck was he thinking before saying such things to his girlfriend's PARENTS?

Ydi for thinking he'd be talking about anything other than sexual, unless your daugters like 10 then fyl

Prototype12 0

I supersoaked your mom last night!! ohhhh shhhnap

KingDingALing 9

I like water guns! You can supersoak me!! :D

JillianlikesVogu 0

1-Just because that happened with one guy doesn't make her daughter a whore. You wouldn't call her boyfriend a whore for that, would you?

That's my grandma!!!!

aruss721 0

it's one thing to be open with your parents. it's another to be completly dissgusting and totalyl uncalled for in these situations. and if she's a teenager I kick that little boys ass right out my house.

Totalyl: Like a pterodactyl, but a cross between that and an 11 year old girl. And before you, the reader, hits thumbs down for this being unrelated, read #135 carefully.

Wow two pictures of Homer Simpson to start the comments. Neato

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what does yid stand for???

tweetbaby14 18

162- young ignorant dwarf

Anaxes 5

#162 - You Idiotic Dumbass.

bosskidz20 2


well you were kind of right

1gator1nation1 0

15 = Win.

Sprinkle_Donuts 1

awe damn tht sucks you should kick her boyfriends asss

sexycourtcourt 0

dayum!! I ain't been supersoaked but I've given blow jobs and hand jobs before

219, your profile says you're thirteen and you give blowjobs and handjobs? What the fuck?

AceArctic 4

I get it 147 :P

#219, good job at being a classy 13 year old :)

shut the fuck up how do u know she's a whore? Mabee they were dating for a very long period of time and is over the legal age for sex!?!?! and mabee she finally let him do it for an anneversery or something? People like u make me fucking sick to my stomach judging people like that! and y is the girl always the whore Mabee he's a man whore! SCREW YOU!

I'm in love with your vocabulary :)

Cough cough sluuut cough cough

ken328 0


ewww number 4!!!

what does supersoaked mean?

We aint spiderman no moo...we a supersoak that hoe...

MarkerofMagic 0

your profile pic is awsome but its be more badass if the gun actually had a clip in it.

Peacemaker9 7

it does. just a small clip though

it would be even more badass if the Private had his cover on while outside. fuckin boots...

LLS! I just found out what it meant

what does LLS mean?

LMFAO ! aaaah, fyl maaate !

mate? Haha seriously though...I would never say that to a girls parents....

WingsFan80 4

mate is English for buddy, pal, homie, friend, get cultured bro.?

i like saying mate, so whaaat?

And she's Scottish.

CaliGali 9

you should make sure what the phrases that your kids use really mean before you laugh OP!

kdawg360 0

Again wrong FML

Kyto7884 0

^i believe she is on the right fml an you're not xD

"I supersoaked your daughter!" "-pulls out phone- just a minute, I need to look that up." That's what I imagined anyways.

what does it meaan?

ToastGurl 0

Aw, where are the adorable pictures of your dogs instead of a baby flicking people off?

FMLsOhilarious 6

A boy cumming all over a girls face, mimicking a supersoaker water gun. That's what it means. She asked what it meant guys...not where she could find its meaning.

-Puke- Ewww!! I'm 20 and never heard of that!! Soo... my niece and her boyfried needed a place to stay while their house was being built. I had no clue what supersoaked meant when she yelled it out so I yelled,"Ooh waterguns? Can I play? :D" My neice yelled no and to leave them the hell alone. :*(

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

12- just scroll down a little bit. or the bf probably didn't think op would look it up.

#134 HAHAHAHA thats an epic fail

kurtrichardson13 0

she got a save coat of jizz lol

holy fuck how old is your niece and how young where there conceivers for u to be twenty and have a niece that's building a house and getting a pearl necklace on her face

I have an uncle only 3 years older then me and an aunty not much older then that, it's not uncommon?

neoncookie16 0

okkk so just because she got with him prob once doesn't make her a whore ok?? I bet all those girls who commented that she was a whore aren't virgins either so shut the fuck up

Azellia 15

I actually have two nieces older than me :p

I know a guy whose 2 nephews are both older than him by 5 years. Also, my oldest sibling and my youngest uncle were born the same year.

HAHA XD 'I'd laugh anyway

HelloFuckinKitty 0

waittt, what does it mean?

HaxivX 0

it means he had sex with her and supersoaked her with cum

Graawr 7

Maybe now you should have a sex ed talk with her. :O

SunshineBoy21 0

...actually they should have a self respect talk with her!

Graawr is hot and if she/you are Japanese then in my opinion that's the hottest Asian.

For real, Sunshine! OP, be advised that this prick is giving your daughter a bad reputation. If he told you that -- a pretty vile thing to say to her parent -- what other things is he telling her peers?

no she doesn't... she does look Japanese and she is pretty :)

well her profile says she in Japan so i am gonna say Nihon-jin. plus she looks it.