By :/ - 01/10/2013 10:18

Today, I purposely set my phone off in class to make it seem like I had friends. FML
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That's kinda sad Hun... Sorry :(

Put your number up on craigist, you'll definitely get the calls you want.


That's kinda sad Hun... Sorry :(

Well then again It's not that hard to talk to people...

BriCx 8

Some people are socially awkward. It's more common than you think.

I used to be that way too, but OP can change if they really want to.

Ya but idk isn't purposely embarrassing yourself in front of the class really better than just saying hi?

jw90 18

Try to get out more and meet people OP. Maybe you'll find someone you can get along with.

They probably thought it wad your mom anyway.

your life really sucks


I wish there was a button for this.

I wish you would be original

Both of you are equal in my opinion for posting a worthless comment. Up or down vote, i don't care, I'm just tired of seeing these kinds of comments.

Its funny, in this situation theres always one person who says "I wish there was a button for that" and then theres someone who replies telling them to be original. Then theres always the 3rd person who replies that both of they're comments are bad. Then theres a 4th reply that explains all of this.

now there's a fifth commrnt breaking the pattern with a completely random thought "chicken wings"

how about the 5th comment just doesn't say anything?

you ruined it

Put your number up on craigist, you'll definitely get the calls you want.

and get all of your shameful desires fulfilled its win win

Or get raped.

AussieChick101 13

Maybe you should put more time into making friends instead of planning ways to make it look like you have friends.

I don't see how your plan could possibly backfire

Rainhawk94 27

unless mom calls

why would somebody's mother call them while they are at school

Don't be a phony, OP. Hopefully this helps get peoples' attention and you can ex-cell in your social life!

pull the fire alarm you will be the talk of the whole school then.

Rainhawk94 27

not sure if joke or complete stupidity

pretty sure that's illegal unless there's a real fire...

Oh, the things we do for popularity....

BriCx 8

Let's hope you don't have a teacher like one of my college teachers who have a rule stating if your phone goes off in class, they answer it. You would have been found out.

That was

I'm sorry but this comment makes me want to smash my head against a wall.

That's ok, 17. Since you live in an asylum, the walls are foam, you lucky bastard.