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Today, at school, I got stuck in the elevator and was about to panic before I remembered I had my phone. I called my mother and she called the school to tell them that I was stuck. They got me out in a few minutes and then confiscated my phone and gave me two detentions for using it in school. FML
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Have the schools head on a platter for unreasonable treatment. This was an emergency situation in which you had no other choice. You were not disrupting a class or using it for conversation. Maybe you could have pushed the emergency call button in the elevator, but that's no excuse for the school's actions.

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Doesn't elevators come with emergency ring and intercom?


Horde 8

Doesn't elevators come with emergency ring and intercom?

they normally does

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Fuck...I would of stayed in there. Missing class with a good reason too.

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This is a fake story. After Columbine, all the schools stopped banning cell phones, and many even put up cell phone towers.

OP didn't say that he got detention for having his phone, he got it for using his phone. Cell phones aren't banned in schools other than elementary and some middle schools, but students are banned from using them while in the school. So stop hating on the OP and calling his FML fake.

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My old high school has banned cellphones, actually =/ People still use them, but if you get caught having one by a teacher that will tell on you.. You're screwed

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Fuck that, I wouldn't give it to them. I'd look at them like they were crazy and go to class. I wouldn't even have to take the time explaining myself to my parents since they'd most likely be telling the admin to go to hell.

my school will suspend you for five days if they see a cell phone during class time. no tolerance. yep.

Not where I live #86, if they find a student with a phone on them or in their bag during school hours they take it. It's total BS, I keep mine in my bag abut turned off anyways, just in case I need it. It's a retarded rule, but unfortunately some schools have it, and enforce it.

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@#56: Until you ran out of oxygen and passed out.... Dumbass.

My school still bans cell phones they've actually goten a lot stricker on them. After being caught once with your cell phone being audiable or visible (it doesn't matter if it's even turned on or in use) it's taken up and you have ISD (In School Detention) the next day. The next time you are Suspended for 3 days and the next time after that you have Alternative school for 11 days. Even if you're just calling your parents or someone for an emergency they don't care. They take your phone up and actually LOOK through it reading all txts and looking at the times too and the people on it get detention as well because they have proof that that person was texting as well. and you can't get your phone back your parent or gaurdian has to get it.

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cell phones aren,t banned and BTW your school has a ******* elevator? that's freigin awesome

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It should. Also, I highly doubt this is true. It was an emergency. Unless you're seriously in some backwards hick school (which you can't possibly be since Penn Manor's elevators are only for the handicapped or injured; also I live in PA so I know hicksville) there is no conceivable way they'd punish you for freaking out and simply trying to get unstuck.

@#108 Can't run out of oxygen dumbass

not necessarily. my school did have a cellphone tower but we got them taken away if we used them during school hours

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Why were you using the elevator you lazy **** My school has an elevator but I take the stares.

no they didnt cause we still cant use cellphones in my school

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my school still bans cell phones during school hours

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86 till today all the schools iv been to ban cellphones

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My bad 87 corrected me it's using it

#151 learn to spell "stairs" you lazy ****

151- he could have had a broken leg or ankle.... think 'fore you comment

Going through text messages is an invasion of privacy and you should invest in a password

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Bull mine stayed banned until last year

Funnily enough, I don't think elevators are airtight, dumbass.

#108 you don't run out of oxygen by getting stuck in an elevator... Dumbass

Of course, this is obviously FAKE and shouldn't be ok FML because it's poorly written to

He was stuck in a ******* elevator this is clearly fake, no one gets in trouble for that

Our schools elevator is a deathtrap. Amusment park rides didnt shutter like ours. Im glad the tendon I messed up healed quick!

Im from the future (the post date proves it) and now adays, we have special elevators. These elevators are made for people who think you can out of oxygen in a elevator. Ps, the elevator is actually a rocket to the moon.

Geez mkay I say go higher up and sue as obviously that phone saved yer life..

Sue? You must be kidding me. The OP was not going to die, staff would quite quickly find out the elevator was stuck—that would take a few hours—and fix it. Even if she was left in school for a day, that's not a long enough time to die of either starvation or dehydration, and the parents would quickly phone the school, so that they could investigate. Secondly, the OP will get there phone back, and a few hours after school for an unjustified reason should not mean the school should be sued. Sure, complain, but no need to take money from the school because you get your phone back and an hour or two after school is a stupid reason to sue. :/

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Detentions do, however, go on your permanent record. Maybe explaining that OP panicked and wanted out right away would get the detentions removed. Or better yet, if OP gets it sorted out soon enough, there would be no detention at all. Also, at my school, there are rewards or those that meet certain criteria, including no detentions or office referrals. This event would exempt OP from these kind of rewards unfairly. Detentions may not seem like a big deal to you, but they are to other people, especially if they're unjust.

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Your record is cleared when you reach adulthood.

its a rich school that doesn't even have a second floor. The elevator doesn't go anywhere. They use it in the brochure to get more students. "come to our school, we have an elevator"

Have the schools head on a platter for unreasonable treatment. This was an emergency situation in which you had no other choice. You were not disrupting a class or using it for conversation. Maybe you could have pushed the emergency call button in the elevator, but that's no excuse for the school's actions.

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There was another choice. It's called pushing the emergency call button on the elevator's control panel.

That still doesn't excuse what the school did.

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You guys are retards! Everyone who says, "Push the emergency button dumbass." is a dumbfuck. Think for once! That sucks OP. Next time just go all like, "I don't know WTF you're saying." And leave. not a troll.

#44: Not EVERY school elevator has that. The one at my school only has up and down.

what kind of school has elevators.... O_o

My school has elevators. If the elevators are on the first floor or above it's helpful for disabled people. Ramps can often cause quite a bit of chaos, since you have got about a hundred people barging down the stairs right next to you. I do know there are school with something like four floors which would require an elevator if it had disabled people in it.

Mine does. It's got 4 floors and the elevator is only for teachers and the disabled.

My school has 12 floors so we kid of need an elevator

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Yarr.. They actually do.

Riding an elevator in freaking SCHOOL? You lazy fat **** American moron, YDI.

Disability maybe?

my school building has 14 floors, (top 4 actually used by my school) so sometimes there's a reason to use the elevator

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you have no clue what she was doing in that elevator so you have no right to judge. she could have been simply been doing some thing she was told to do for a teacher. they ask you to take carts up and down to other teachers all the time and that woukd be really hard without an elevator. or maybe she actually is disabled. so next time think before you go and judge someone. alls you know about her is that she got stuck in an elevator at school, and all of a sudden she's a fat american??

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he sorry.

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u no wat **** u u bastard

agreed!!!! I was in a wheelchair at one point for a twisted ankle so had to take an elevator and I have had do do the same thing for teachers and people at my church (big campus that had a church attached to it) and the would totally suck my parents would have totally gotten me out of that situation and they would have been really pissed cause that's the whole reason why I got one cause I was stuck in an office for 3 hrs and no one called my parents. well sry ur school sucks!

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you grammar.

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if you had any kind of common sense, you would realize that basically all schools with elevators don't just let kids use the elevator freely. they obviously have to get permission, or have a disibility or something. don't be a douchebag.

BREAKING NEWS: Some kids have wheelchairs. Any recently built 2+ story school *should* have an elevator. Doesn't excuse this one for riding it up one or two floors, unless he broke his leg or something, in which case sorry dude.

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FYL. That sucks for having your phone taken away. I'd go tell them that the only way to get out of the elevator was to call on his cell phone. This is like up in Maine this little girls mom sent in a cake and a knife to cut the cake with. The teacher used the knife to cut the cake and then got the little girl suspended for bringing a knife to school? WTF right?