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Today, I was told there was a bench warrant out for my arrest because a notice to appear for jury duty was sent to my old address and I never responded. I haven't lived at my old address for 2 years. FML
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BriCx 8

If you can prove that you haven't lived there in 2 years maybe they can clear it up? It was just a misunderstanding after all.

Wow.........sounds like the state I live in


Wow.........sounds like the state I live in

You idiot, it's a misunderstanding and it can happen in any state

caohm 18

just go down and tell them or call them with proof of address change. problem solved

23 - yes OP can how proof of address but in my opinion it's OP's fault because you are supposed to fill out a change in address form when you move. It's ridiculous how many people don't do that. I bought my house over 2 years ago and have to write "return to sender" on mail weekly. I still get mail from about 5 different people that had previously lived in my house.

For starters, it has never been said that Anyone must send in a change of address. That law has never been written. Also, the change of address forms expire after 6 months. It is up to the state to make sure they have the right address.

I think i'm about to face the same dilemma... My ex-mother in law told me a few days ago that she had received a summons for me months ago, and then when she finally opened it, the date had already passed. Since i dont have any run ins with the law, i can only imagine it was for jury duty. She can't find the summons, i haven't lived at that address in 5 years and my ex and i divorced a year ago. Something tells me they will be knocking on my door soon :/

14- until you live in Maryland you wouldn't understand

BriCx 8

If you can prove that you haven't lived there in 2 years maybe they can clear it up? It was just a misunderstanding after all.

Keep in mind that having to take time out of your life to clear things up is still a major pain in the ass! So FYL, OP!

A major pain in the ass, I don't know about you guys but in the grat commonwealth of Kentucky you are guilty until proven innocent! Good luck, OP!

Great* is what I was tryin to say...

It's up to the citizen to let the gubment know that they have moved. Hence why there is a change of address form at the dmv, and at the post office. YDI

Except you don't need to inform the gubment, they already know.

jw90 18

Now that they're shutdown you can move multiple times and they'd never know.

If she's been getting the rest of her mail for those two years then chances are good that she filed a change of address. I filed a change of address form and called a ton of places to update my records when I moved but my old address still gets some of my mail on occasion.

RedPillSucks 31

OP may have filed a postal change of address, but I don't think this is what the (local state) government uses when issuing Jury duty notices. I think they may go by voter registration address, but I don't know for sure.

Maybe go and inform them because sometimes records are held very badly and they would need the update. Unless your in another state or city then there just stupid -.-

ThatFancyPenn 18

Half the brain cells in the speech center of my brain just commited suicide.

xStaciexLynnx 15

I got a jury duty notice in my mail once for the old owners of my house and they told me to throw it away... Wonder what kind of trouble they got in.

the government shut down who cares now.....

Police are still being paid. Gov shutdown=/= The Purge

TheDrifter 23

It doesn't? I guess I'll have to do some burying this afternoon.

Just stuff them in the freezer. If someone asks for ice in their drink, tell them no.

I think the government is just updating to the new IOS 7

rdenkewicz 11

Yup the government sucks d*ck.

#11 You seem to not understand the difference between federal government and local law enforcement.

oj101 33

With the US government shutdown, I doubt you'll be followed up on it anytime soon. Lady Luck is smiling upon you now.