By novapine - United States - Staffordsville
Today, I was told there was a bench warrant out for my arrest because a notice to appear for jury duty was sent to my old address and I never responded. I haven't lived at my old address for 2 years. FML
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  nerdistheword  |  9

23 - yes OP can how proof of address but in my opinion it's OP's fault because you are supposed to fill out a change in address form when you move. It's ridiculous how many people don't do that. I bought my house over 2 years ago and have to write "return to sender" on mail weekly. I still get mail from about 5 different people that had previously lived in my house.

  niallo  |  23

For starters, it has never been said that Anyone must send in a change of address. That law has never been written.
Also, the change of address forms expire after 6 months. It is up to the state to make sure they have the right address.

  unkhammun  |  5

I think i'm about to face the same dilemma... My ex-mother in law told me a few days ago that she had received a summons for me months ago, and then when she finally opened it, the date had already passed. Since i dont have any run ins with the law, i can only imagine it was for jury duty. She can't find the summons, i haven't lived at that address in 5 years and my ex and i divorced a year ago. Something tells me they will be knocking on my door soon :/

  gAt_d  |  26

A major pain in the ass, I don't know about you guys but in the grat commonwealth of Kentucky you are guilty until proven innocent!
Good luck, OP!

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

If she's been getting the rest of her mail for those two years then chances are good that she filed a change of address. I filed a change of address form and called a ton of places to update my records when I moved but my old address still gets some of my mail on occasion.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

OP may have filed a postal change of address, but I don't think this is what the (local state) government uses when issuing Jury duty notices. I think they may go by voter registration address, but I don't know for sure.

By  MeTheBeast  |  22

Maybe go and inform them because sometimes records are held very badly and they would need the update. Unless your in another state or city then there just stupid -.-