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By whatdoesitmatter - 01/10/2013 10:47 - India - Erayu

Today, my sex-crazed ex wrote me a letter so bad, it haunts me that I let a guy with such terrible grammar skills touch my boobs. FML
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"I want boob touch u very best"

Did he write you the letter in crayons and draw pretty pictures?


That would surely drive me up the wall.

That's why you should always use public transportation.

Only if you want to end up on fml, I've noticed

Thats why you pick the nice boys over jocks? you sorta diserve it.. but ill still say fyl because sometimes people dont act like their real self until its too late :/

What's the problem with athletic people, 39? I think you've watched too many high school movies. I played football back in high school and I got pretty damn good grades. I hate when people think just because you were into sports you weren't smart. That's a stupid ass thing to say. It's also pretty dumb thinking we were all assholes too. Just because some of us enjoyed playing sports doesn't mean we're a bunch of dicks who can't read.

Actually, excersising the body can often help excersise the brain, so I don't really see how those stereotypes work out in reality.

45, not sure if its just where i live, but most people who play sports are complete assholes. like, towards everyone. Im not saying all of them are like that, its just the majority around here are

\ 28

#52 The truth is, most of them develop a superiority complex. One kid I know who was sent to the office for bullying my sis got away from getting suspended just because he was on his school's football team. The stature goes to their heads sometimes... But not all are like that...

They're is a reason the "jock" stereotype exist. Unfortunately most jocks are assholes. The ones who arent are usually smart. it just seems the bigger dumber guys gravitate to sports.

39 is just a bitter, sexist high school kid who thinks he's a "nice guy". Ignore him.

Did he write you the letter in crayons and draw pretty pictures?

\ 28

He most likely wrote them with his jizz.

He hasn't upgraded to crayons yet; still on finger paints.

he never got to to home run,, he didn't really get anywhere

"I want boob touch u very best"

"I love you long time. Is good idea we get back together"

I don, see da problam heere. Y do eryone hav to be Gramar Nezzis thes daze.

Hmmm "wrote me a letter so bad". Is that proper grammar? Doesn't sound correct to me. Grammar Experts help.

It's proper though a bit awkward.

A bit awkward? The awkwardness and irony are so strong and unsettling that they're making me twitch.

What I am trying to figure out is what the heck is that thing in your profile picture #25!?

I'm betting an elephant seal

#25 is* talk about grammer and you dun fucked up yorself

Next time you want somebody to look bad, be sure that you're correct about their "faults".

41, "are" is correct. There were two things-awkwardness and irony-so a plural verb is correct.

He wrote me a letter so grammatically incorrect that it made me regret ever letting him touch my boobs

65, you too? That guy gets around!

It should have said the letter was badly written, or grammatically incorrect, or even full of mistakes, because yes, the OP's grammar was incorrect. However, that doesn't mean she can't complain about someone whose grammar is much, much worse than her own. Everyone is allowed a mistake or two.

I cnt blve he gt tu tuch yur boubs Hy whtcha dooin 2 knight?

op said his grammar was bad not spellings

wait wread it wong. ho oh

This is why I always test my dates before I let them touch my boobs.

@7: How do you test your dates? Do you give them grammar tests?

my sister makes them fill out a dating application xD

14- ha! That's incredible. What's on the application?

@ 19, they have to be interested in everything she likes. Can't be a douchebag. Must always give their undivided attention over everything else.

but it says you're a guy...

Dating application questionnaire: What do you like most in a woman? "My cock" may not be the best answer. :P

Is it an oral exam?

I understand how shit grammar hurts you. I really do. But eould you not have seen his way of writing/heard his way of speaking previously?

I think the bigger problem is that you're getting letters from your sex-crazed ex.

\ 28

Interesting how "ex" is two-thirds of "sex"

its also have of next.

correction... half of next.. lol

I'm curious, what did the letter say? Definitely need a follow-up on this one.

no I'm sure he's a creep. you know with him sending letters to her and all

I'm assuming since OP described him as sex-crazed that it had something to do with wanting to.. Take her to church. Yeah that's probably it.

I always have the dirtiest thoughts there... "The Lord loves you, you..... And heylow loooves you ;)"