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Today, it's my third night of finally living on my own in a house. I can't count the number of times I have run to my knife and pepper spray after hearing "suspicious" sounds. Maybe I'm not ready to be an adult after all. FML
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call a friend over fora night or two! or get a dog, he'll keep ya safe :)

Maybe if you get to know your neighbors it may help or accept the fact there are ghosts at your place and just welcome them


Or you could grow up a little, and maybe install a burglar alarm?xxxxxx

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OP is just paranoid. There are plenty of paranoid independent people out there

Did your finger get stuck on the "x" button?

@14: It's also hard moving to a place where you live by yourself after living with others for so long. It's not always paranoia.

"Care to explain how one would go about growing up a little, #1? I'm sure there are plenty of impatient children who have been waiting to hear this." Hell, I'm sure there are plenty of us "adults" that have been waiting to hear this...

If i'm alone for more than a day i start to get paranoid. It just will take some getting used to.

Or OP could just keep pepper spray closer

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You could also install some cobras in addition. No joke, I actually know a guy who kept a few cobras in fancy enclosures in his living room, and he ended up hearing two guys breaking into his house in the middle of the night. As he reached for his gun, he heard them start flipping out and cursing about the snakes, and ended up booking it right back through the window they came through.

#22 OP said that she's "not ready to be an adult" in my mind that means she thinks she's immature, hense telling her to grow up a little. I didn't mean to start a fight/offend anyone lol xxxxxxxx

You're not even quite 20 and you're living in a house all by yourself? No, you're not ready. Being 18 or older doesn't make you an adult. The mere fact that you clearly think that proves you're not ready.

Actually being 18 does make you technically an adult. She wanted to started acting like one and got her own place and was scared of burglars, how is that immature and meaning she should grow up? She just isn't used to being alone.

@#113 I agree with you but where ok the FML doesn't say that OP is 18?

call a friend over fora night or two! or get a dog, he'll keep ya safe :)

2 has the right idea! Find a guy to keep you company, and in the off chance someone is in the house, just use him as a meat shield

Find a dog, way better and they have 10X better hearing, and sharp teeth :)

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Pepper spray and a knife? You are in Texas get a gun .

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I have a dog that would bark at everything from a squirrel to the whistle of the wind. But the one time a man actually broke in as 19 year old me was home alone, the dog didn't make a peep.

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Get a gun and keep it on your hip

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She/he seems way to jumpy to handle the responsibility of a gun.

^true. I like guns, but they're not appropriate for everyone.

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In this case, I would recommend a big dog with that gun. The dog will let you know if there is a problem, and will buy you time in the gun is ever needed. I recommend a glock and a german shepard. Will be the safest house on the block.

^considering #3's username, and your picture, I can't say I didn't see this coming.

Why don't you get a genetically enhanced german shephard that can actually carry a Glock?

Maybe if you get to know your neighbors it may help or accept the fact there are ghosts at your place and just welcome them

Sounds like you're a sensational headline waiting to happen.

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Get a dog. It will do wonders for your sense of security and companionship.

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a German Shepard named Tank will work wonders!

A pitbull named Anubis seems to be working great for me.

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I approve of 16's post. Except "Tank" is not always required. Sometimes its nice to call a dog by a much smaller dog name, so they jack-off doesn't know what is coming. "Here Sprinkles!" (Giant monster rounds corner, bad guy wets his own pants)

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#64 that's pretty funny too!

OP should call their dog "Hydra", then he'll sleep like a baby.

Hey, one day there actually WILL be someone there and you'll be prepared. It won't be me. I'm serious.

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Your username is quite descriptive.