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Today, I purchased an app to track my period. When my mother asked me why I got it, I told her I was going to use it so I knew when to not go on a date because I don't want to be uncomfortable during a long movie. She slapped me in the face and called me a dirty prostitute and a liar. FML
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What the hell? What have you done recently to put her under the impression that you're a prostitute? Other than this, because this doesn't seem like a good enough excuse.

If you have kids and they turned out like little ***** that's your own damn fault.


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There's an app for that.

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maybe your mom was on HER period...

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13 - Fuck you and your picture. Making me hungry.

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Badshah29, everyone knows your picture is photoshopped.

Well OP, that was a horrible choice of answer. You shouldn't have involved guys in anyway and really? The movies? That's the reason? lol. Should've said something more like "so I can be sure when it's coming so that I don't make lots of plans."

13 - It's not the accusation, but rather the uncalled for physical and verbal abuse. For all we know OP could be telling the truth, just… a rather crude sounding one.

What ever happened to discipline...

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What a mom.

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Child Abuse isn't somthen to **** around with some kids go through that evryday...

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1 child abuse isn't funny. doesn't matter if op is a child or adult. Abuse is abuse and she shouldn't have to stand for it. both need help.

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28- theres apps for everything

I think you could have had a better reason. Fore example: Summers coming up and you wanted to make sure you knew wen to not agree to go to a pool party. But if it's winter your screwed lol...

Slapping is child abuse? No. It isn't.

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If you have kids and they turned out like little ***** that's your own damn fault.

I don't think #2 was ever a kid. must be from Uranus.

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I never lied to my parents. if your parents can't trust you, how could you ever trust them.

I'm sorry... What does your comment have to do with the relevance of this FML? It's not the parent who is untrustworthy, it's the daughter, who needs worrying about. A harmless enough app, and if my girlfriend had it, I'd be happy about it. But if my little girl (when you're a dad, age goes out the window) had something like that on her phone, I'd be mad too. Not hit her, but certainly punish her.

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Punish her for tracking her period..? And what does rewarding bad behavior have to do with this FML? "Bad daughter! You're a woman now with a period! How dare you keep track of when it's coming?! Go sit in the closet and don't come out till menopause!" Are you gonna be a male version of Carrie White's mother? You've got serious issues to work out before being a parent. I agree bad behavior should be punished.. And maybe you can worry or get upset, if she starts on birth control.. But over an app like this? You need help. Don't tell your girlfriend this, she'll probably never reproduce with you.

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Keyman, you're 19, why are you sounding like an old man complaining about "what the world has come to"?

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hey asshole you think every teenager is a little shit that's ***** things up? or kid for that matter? majority of us are nothing like the skater kids you see getting in trouble on tv

dudeitsdanny 9

^Haha, skater kids.. I'd be more concerned about raising a Snookie than a Ryan Sheckler.

65-ur retarded....nobody said anything of the sort.

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damn I accidentally pressed like. oh well it won't do anything already to many negatives.

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ooops I accidentally pressed dislike to your comment oh well ;)

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Yeah, well I liked it so he's back at zero. And 2 is a dumbass.

I think 93 is retarded because he can't spell you're.

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I guess the people who monitor FML haven't woken up yet cause I was banned for a day for something similar!?!?

65 - Sad as it is, most kids these days can't be trusted 100%. With a comment like that, I can't be sure if you're one to try and warrant the opposite. However, there ARE kids out there that are pretty trustworthy, and people do know that, unlike 2. No need for the burst of immature rage. It just disproved everythig you stated.

Kids can't be trusted because they *aren't* trusted. Trust a child, show them that you are giving them responsibility and you expect them to behave, and they will learn to be trustworthy. Simply ask them to do something, don't threaten them with what will happen if they don't - *actual* trust is not based on threats, and kids know this - if you threaten them then yes, they will look for ways out of it, if you don't let them know that it is important for them to do something (or you say everything is important even when it's not) then they will be silly. But if you really trust them, and also let them mess around when stuff doesn't matter, then they will repay your trust and more.

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you'r dumb

**** you asshole!

ya kids like to be given freedom. if their parents trust them they will be able to do good things with that freedom

ha, 142 I'd like to see you say that after being held up at gun point by a 15 year old. or hearing how your 12 year old sisters best friend got stabbed by a classmate as part of a "gang initiation".

abbytequiere 9

175- So you assume that because there are a handful of people, teenagers more specifically, out there who have done bad things that they're all bad? You can't rationally assume something like that about a large group of people. And there will always be exceptions to the general rule, and these people shouldn't be punished because of the others.

let me tell all you people about trust every day I have to trust my team so I don't get killed and they don't ether hell I even trust people I don't know you just have to and if you give them a little trust at a time it will work ......... unless there an ass. hey I trust teens not all are bad none of them gave it in there mind that they are out to get you so all you people that commented before me you just have had a bad experience with a kid. and it's not there fault usually it's the parents

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-175 yeah, and there are a lot more adults who would do those things. when you assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.

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Not all "skaters" are bad. Get facts straight before you decide to use a group of people. -_-

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2: You do realize that MOST of the FML viewers are children, or have children. THAT is why you comment is now buried.

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Nohe's from yours XD

Trust is something you earn... Show the kids that they can trust you and your kids will become trustworthy. You have to give the kids a shot at being trustworthy.

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Guys her username is meowcat It's a safe bet she's not married with kids

#2 tooth fairy, Santa, babies, must I go on?

#175 ....what in the ****

And why are we talking about "kids" here, like I know you're defending them and all but adults also have to gain trust and I've never seen a kid completely betray someone unless under the influence of something and I don't see how you can talk about kids that way considering the fact i highly doubt you actually know what you're talking about. But I would say that alot of teenagers/kids these days are more of the delinquents that you see on tv but even so that doesn't mean they're untrustworthy

What the hell? What have you done recently to put her under the impression that you're a prostitute? Other than this, because this doesn't seem like a good enough excuse.

I have that app. I don't get it.. What's the big deal? I told my mom and she thinks it's a great idea.

I think her mum thought about when she is most likely to get pregnant or something like that

92- sounds like you're a good kid with a good mom :) OP may or may not be trustworthy...she didn't necessarily say why she got it, just what she told her mom

I have the app too. it's a good thing to have because when you go to doctors appointments they ask when your last period was. plus it's good to know when you're about to start

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I have the app as well i used to keep track on a calendar but I love the fact that I get emails saying 'hey your period will start in _ days'

I have an app like that too. not because I want to know when my periods are, because my husband and I are TTC. :)

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The mom might have thought of it as in she won't have her period so they can do sexual things. Hahaha, never know. But poor child...

No You changed your pic!

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creepy emblem... it looks like he's trying to take my virginity

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wow she is a mean old bag!..... she is jealous becuz she has no eggs left to have a period she is dry n shriveld and trckng tht is ok hun!!! i have it on my android aswell n im a vgn so its cool

Termites 15

Hey she has to break it to you at some point right?

could be her version of "the talk* this case its "the bitchslap"

She's trying to scare you.

There's an app for that.

Well you know, only prostitutes keep track of their periods..

ralishrach 4

I keep track of mine.

That is very pessimistic of her. So many paranoid people these days. Stray strong! *big hugs*

lulututu 4

Sometimes its hard to stray strong.

stephan2010 0

that's what Viagra is for.

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well obviously it was a typo and he means 'stay'..but u knew that already except u decided to b an annoying prick

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omyfreekinggosh I laughed so hard at this. can't you imagine the person in that picture "just stray strong" with like a lisp and then the next person "sometimes it's hard to stray strong" trying to copy him. I thought that was pretty funny an I'm on the toilet so yea...peace, stray strong!

Oh, a mothers love!

mothers are bitches

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bitch slap her back

I absolutely love your pic! So cute :)

richard121212 0

thanks :)

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wow that's a big assumption. Lots of women track their periods. It's nice to know when to expect it. She needs to take a chill pill or something jeez

how so you know op is a girl?

71 are you SERIOUSLY that FUCKING DUMB? Last time I checked only females get their friggen period.

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71 - almost as bad as that yahoo answers question. "I'm 16 and haven't had my first period yet. takes longer since I'm a boy?"

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callista! it's me Danielle. haha. from soccer.

well 71 she kinda knos cuz no other gender can get there period... jeez its kinda obvious...