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Today, the moment after hitting "confirm payment" for my boyfriend's valentine gift (along with some sexy lingerie for the occasion) on a shopping app, my period tracker app popped up to let me know I'll be well into my period on the 14th. I'm getting cockblocked by mother nature herself. FML
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Just make up for it on a different date.

If you're both comfortable with it you can still have sexy times.

It's also know for helping relieve cramps!

yea but its really hard to feel sexy, or wear sexy clothes

I've found period sex is the best sex. It's the most turned on, plus it's nearly impossible to get pregnant while menstruating. I'd recommend talking about it and potentially go for it.

Exactly: nearly. Better be safe than sorry.

Please use contraception if you don't want to be pregnant

It is very possible since sperm can survive for days. Don't take a chance on that kind of shit.

What I meant is that you have less reason to be afraid. I'm on birth control and my boy and I always use a condom but I'm still scared and thus it's still better on my period because I'm flipping paranoid and I'm less scared when I'm literally infertile. When someone is unclear, perhaps ask for clarification instead of assuming what they meant.

If you have sex on your period the guy should wear a condom for his own hygiene. Other than that , just wash up in the shower beforehand and it's fine! Fun and feels really good.

Looks like no November babies this year!

He'll be happy with ******** and anal. Perhaps you should up the ******* between now and then to soften the blow, so to speak.

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You can still do it on your period. It's really not as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

I don't understand why you can't have sex just because of period?

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Not everyone likes bloody dicks.

What Sir Cow said, and also there's a massive taboo in the western world about period sex. Most people say it's disgusting and gross and unhygienic and a few even say it's sinful (or moreso than sex is usually). All that, when in fact many women are more "in the mood" during menstruation and there's nothing "dirty" about it at all. Sure, it's messy, but for the most part there's nothing wrong with it.

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Not exactly healthy, but if you use birth control pills you can keep a period from happening, just get a new pack and start it right after last day of the 3rd week. Warning as your period could be a bit heavier next time

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it's perfectly safe to do that and a great idea if you are expecting your period on a special occasion!

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Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. I don't know if doing it continuously is dangerous, but there are side effects - my friend, for example, had the pill prescribed to stop her periods and she basically had constant PMS and even worse periods 4 times a year. Although, if its just for one time I think it would probably fine.

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it's perfectly safe to do that and a great idea if you are expecting your period on a special occasion!

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There's nothing unhealthy about doing that at all. In fact, if you have really painful periods, that's how doctors recommend treating it; by continuously taking the active pills and never having a period.

Your advice of going straight to the next pill pack (if that is their method of birth control) is good but saying it is unhealthy is not true.