By Heartbroken - United States
Today, I spent 2 hours making the perfect card for my dad for Father's Day. When I handed it to him, he smiled and said "Thank you" and then killed a fly with it. I found it in the trash a couple of hours later. FML
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  DaveP  |  0

moderated for telling the truth? that's not on, this is clearly fake cause who takes 2 hours on a fathers day card? and why would OP be looking through the trash?

  st0815  |  9

A gift should be about the person you give the gift to. Does your dad care about cards normally? Very few men do. Does he keep cards around usually? Look around, it should be easy to spot.

Chances are: you gave him a boring gift which he didn't enjoy, and you spent no time thinking about the kind of gift he would like. So now he had to pretend to be happy about a piece of cardboard and probably had to put up with a moping daughter as well.

Next time you want to give a gift to someone (anyone) think about what they would like to receive. Learn what they like to do, what kind of music they enjoy, whether there is something they'd like to have but for some reason don't want to spend money on. With that knowledge you'll be able to pick a gift which they won't just have to pretend to like.

  1215116a  |  14

Its would be awkward because with a naked women card because Op is a girl. XD

By  1215116a  |  14

Happy Father's Day! :D

  grafixxx687  |  0

i live overseas so i texted my dad at 7.30am to make sure i wished him b4 any of my sisters..i wrote him a nice long msg about how i miss the days he used to call me his little princess n to me he is the best dad in the world..i didnt call cz he was sleeping..i called him a few hrs later but no 8.30pm i got a rlly mean text from my dad sayin it only takes a few seconds to txt n wish him..i said i had done..i was the first one..n just to prove it i resent the txt but he didnt believe me DESPITE the time stamp clearly written nxt to the txt..he thought i wrote it just then..he called me a liar n hung up on me which hurt my feelings alot n i did cry..i cried like crazy

By  999pun999  |  0

i do the same with cards i get.........
though i hate to say this, in the world we live in we won't need much other than money and cards and things end up cluttered and sort of a nuisance, next time get him a gas gift card