By Anonymous - / Tuesday 15 August 2017 21:30 / United States - Milwaukee
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By  XxXBadAshXxX  |  27

Maybe it's a joke? hopefully she wouldn't do you that dirty.

By  really_dad?  |  13

Kick her out. But before you do that, make a nice dinner and then get on one knee. Have her open the box and put a note inside saying "You slut I hope you get Aids from your little buddy. Your things are scattered in the dump. Have a nice day." and when she's gone send a message saying "p.s, I changed the locks."

By  Mungolikecandy  |  17

Firstly, as others have said, check the situation, as someone saying something does not automatically mean it is true.

By  rety1  |  13

If it's your name on the lease, what's the problem? throw your (ex?) GF a bag party. buy a roll of garbage bags, bag up all her crap, change the locks and text her saying that she's homeless now.

By  jttorkildson  |  20

I assume the issue with the lease is that, if she is cheating, she will leave and you'll be responsible for paying the rent by yourself. Hopefully, the apartment's not a one bedroom and you can get a kickass roommate.