By Anonymous - United States - Milwaukee
Today, I received a text from my girlfriend's female best friend that they have been dating for the last month. This was the week of our one year anniversary, and my birthday. We just moved into a duplex with my name on the lease. FML
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By  XxXBadAshXxX  |  27

Maybe it's a joke? hopefully she wouldn't do you that dirty.

By  really_dad?  |  13

Kick her out. But before you do that, make a nice dinner and then get on one knee. Have her open the box and put a note inside saying "You slut I hope you get Aids from your little buddy. Your things are scattered in the dump. Have a nice day." and when she's gone send a message saying "p.s, I changed the locks."

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

Firstly, as others have said, check the situation, as someone saying something does not automatically mean it is true.

By  rety1  |  13

If it's your name on the lease, what's the problem? throw your (ex?) GF a bag party. buy a roll of garbage bags, bag up all her crap, change the locks and text her saying that she's homeless now.

By  jttorkildson  |  21

I assume the issue with the lease is that, if she is cheating, she will leave and you'll be responsible for paying the rent by yourself. Hopefully, the apartment's not a one bedroom and you can get a kickass roommate.