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By menstruation nation - 11/08/2020 05:01

Today, my boyfriend flipped out when he saw a period tracker app on my phone. According to him, chicks only use those when they want to know when they’re the most fertile so they can “baby trap” a man. I have irregular cycles. The app helps me know when I should or shouldn’t expect a period. FML
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Willing to bet a guy like this relies on her birth control alone.


Willing to bet a guy like this relies on her birth control alone.

Mathalamus 24

Phone apps are useless for irregular cycles.

Not necessarily I track mine using a phone app and the symptoms in order to help better communicate to my doctor the issue I'm having with my irregular periods, this allowed me to get a medication to prevent me going too long without my period and suffering the consequences of it, now I track my cycle on the app in order to know how long I've gone without it and when I need to take the medication.

Now you just need the “My boyfriend is being a jackass tracker”

Please dump that misogynistic paranoid idiot.

icalledhisname 12

I would dump him immediately. If he’s that stupid about this, he’s stupid about other things. I’d be terribly inconvenienced without my period tracker, it helps my life to track my cycles.

thatkorean 5

Well that’s a red flag. How long have you two been dating? Does he know you have irregular cycles? If so, I’d break up. If not I’d sit down and have a discussion about it. And then depending on his response to the discussion make a decision on staying in the relationship or leaving.

Nic1330 5

just stop having sex with him then I'm sure he'll get over it

crashtestdumplin 16

Well just let him know you wouldn’t want to breed with someone so dense

Sonotsuave 35

That’s so idiotic. I have an app solely for tracking irregular cycles & I’m not nor have I ever been sexually active. He’s gotta grow up

wait so seriously, these apps really work? especially for girls with irregular periods? i thought these apps were just fake!!