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  jbuckets_404  |  38

That's one of those questions for which you better damn well know what the answer is already else DON'T ask it 'cuz you probably won't like to know for certain otherwise....

By  KaD6  |  23

My guy thought like that- until he got cancer. The dog didn't pay the bills, drive him to the hospital, help with his 20 medications, keep the house clean or the meals coming. Some people need to think a little harder.

By  saberjpg  |  6

Maybe it an indication of how you treat her? It could be the "Wake up call" you need to start being a better husband. Too often, in relationships, people take the other half for granted. They forget to be happy that the other person is in their lives. They forget to take the time to tell them how amazing they are, and how lucky they are to have them. It's not too late to start.