By PityKitty - 24/12/2013 16:53

Today, I pretended to cry in front of my cat because she doesn't cuddle with me anymore. Yeah, I tried to guilt-trip my cat into loving me. FML
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Cats can be mean sometimes. If I were her and the cat would snuggle me, I wouldn't even cosider it as a FML.

euphoricness 28

Cats will claw your ballsacks in half if you don't give them the things they need

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Cats are not compassionate creatures! I'm sorry OP

Cats can be very compassionate. One time my cousins cats accidently scratched me and for a whole week it kept bringing me the dead crickets it caught. lol

Feed her I guess. Dogs will love you no matter what if you feed them.

My cat is actually really loving. When my niece cries, she crawls up next to her and tries to comfort her. Not all cats are evil.

Lemurcat 12

It's not that cats aren't compassionate. They're like people; you have to earn their love and trust.

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My Cats Pretty Evil But I Still Love Her because She's Only Nice to Me ^.*

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#43 your comment hurts to read like passing a kidney stone

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I think you've reached rock bottom

She may have gone a little further than that. Maybe she used a drill to drill the rock?

Seems like you may be alone for the holidays OP, good luck!

I'm pretty sure she'll just fake the affection until you stop fake crying and feed her again..Cats are evil..

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You obviously don't own a cat and if you do then what are you doing to it to make it act that way towards you

No, I had a cat and i'm convinced cats are evil and plot to kill you in your sleep.

#40 I actually have five cats and work at an animal shelter...

The only evil thing that my cats have done is get their claws out which can be easily avoided.

Contrary to the popular belief, cats are actually quite empathetic.

Yeah, they feel slight pings of empathy as they claw your shit and trip you as you carry groceries.

#48 Funny that, I'm never feeling sadistic and overly prideful, wats up wit dat?!

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Nothing to worry about, I do that too

Quit being such a pussy. Just kidding. Really though, sorry OP. Maybe you need to get out more.