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Today, I was playing with my cat. I tried to put him on my stomach, but he refused to stay put. Ever since I lost weight, he won't lay with me or purr. I think my fat was the only thing he liked about me. FML
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My cat refuses to sit on my lap, but he climbs on my mum's stomach and chest and sits on them because she's fat lol.

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Am I the only one that read 'pussy' first?


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Cats tend to hate everything...unlike dogs

Pfft, bitch please. Cats try to pull my guts out and drop me on their owner's doorstep.

I know plenty of cats who don't hate people.

I side with Demonfish I know 1 cat that is friendly, the rest are psychotics

Some dogs hate people too and do things like....maul them to death. Cats and dogs can be as nice or horrible as each other.

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My cat loves me.. He snuggled with me all day today. Now he does hate my friends, and attacks.

Out of all the cats I've met only one of them actually hates people, and she had a rough kitten-hood anyway; taken away from her mother too young, her first owner's partner was a psycho and kept her locked in a room. So no, I rather disagree with the notion that cats tend to be psychotic.

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I love cats! They're fluffy, don't bark, and their claws sting like hell if you mess with them! Perfect weapon. Or should I say 'purr-fect'? Ba dum tss No. I shouldn't.

Did you stick you hand in the cat food while getting it on in the kitchen. Maybe that is why the cat is pissed.

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I think my cat is bipolar. One minute she's sitting in my lap, purring. The next minute she's trying to use my hand as a chew toy. Oh yea, the bitch pounced on my face..

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#72 my cat is the same! Glad my cat isn't the only one lol. My cat gets angry when he's ignored and decides your face is a nice little target.

I found my cat on the side of the road, he's a very independent cat but still has the nice side, he won't let you pick him up or cuddle him but he will sit next to you and let you pat him. He's my first cat, i was never a fan until I found him, he's completely changed my mind about cats!

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102- same with me! I actually hated cats because I was scratched by one when I was 4. But we found my little stray kitty when she was only about 4 or 5 weeks old. Now I'm more of a cat person :)

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I would write a nice story about my cat, but I don't own a cat... I don't own a pet at all. T-T

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Cats are loyal if you earn their loyalty. I used to have a cat! So I know. Cats like soft things, fat is soft.

Are you kidding me? Cats are completely loyal if you know how to treat them and get one with a good personality. One of my cats follows me around like a little puppy everywhere I go, demands attention all the time, and loves to snuggle. While at the same time, she has her moments when she doesn't want anything to do with me. The same thing is with my brother's cat, and my eldest.

Once my cat became an old fart and starting appreciating my attempts to my my bed more comfortable for him and give him food and water and became best friends with me.

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And through this experience.. A chubbychaser. Cat, I am with you.

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we just know what we want in life. op's cat purrfur's fat. ;)

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I had to paws to understand your pun, but it is hiss-tarical.

My cat refuses to sit on my lap, but he climbs on my mum's stomach and chest and sits on them because she's fat lol.

More cushion. Who wants bony! Not very comfy.

It's just change OP- cat are REALLY FUSSY

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Am I the only one that read 'pussy' first?

Idk why but for some reason I read that as furry :/.

91- op stands for original poster. And sometimes oily penis, apparently. :/

Congratulations on loosing weigh. Just keep playing with your cat and he/she should go back to being playful.

I wish I could unread this comment. A tip : it's "losing weight". Also, we usually use "it" as a reference to animals, objects and even babies.

If you want to be a grammar nazi, I have an essay that needs editing. Let's put your nazi-ing to some good use.

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31 - There's nothing wrong with using 'he/she' to refer to an animal, quit nitpicking.

everybody on fml seems to be obsessive grammar nazis. its ridiculous sometimes.

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Sometime I wonder if the grammar mistakes really bother them so much...or if they're just being asses.

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--Grammar Nazi here! I, personally, am just bothered by incorrect grammar. So, uh... yeah!

Even after the obvious use of bad grammar here, I'm still not bothered by it. Why? It was a decent message in the comment. It's the ignorant comments that but me more than typos.

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57; You didn't capitalize "Yeah" after you started a new sentence there, you so called grammar Nazi.

On topic! Yes keep playing with the pussy and she will be playful in no time.:)

Yeah, but the Grammar Nazi's are failing hardcore lately. They choose the lesser targets and come out looking like pricks now, instead of actually making sense and doing it for a good cause.

#52 - I feel the same way. Especially since not everyone on this site speaks English as a native language. If someone's comment is entirely in text language or is otherwise difficult to read, yes, get after them if that's how you get your jollies, but getting after someone for spelling a word wrong? That annoys me more than the mistake itself.

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Yeah, because "ever since I lost weight, he won't lay with me or purr" sounds like such a sudden change.

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8- Naw, the cat is too much of a pussy to be an asshole.

Cats aren't very loving to begin with..I'd say that losing weight shouldn't be posted on fml..

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I just wanna say...I love reading all these posts about how bad ass these kitties are