By mayhemily - 21/09/2015 16:22 - Canada - Aurora

Today, I passed out in my kitchen and was woken up by my dog. Not because she was worried about me, but because my body was blocking her food dish. FML
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hey, atleast your dog has priorities right?

zharks1010 18

Obviously your dog can't understand that


hey, atleast your dog has priorities right?

NakuEh 27

My dog would have just walked over me and then went to sleep.

zharks1010 18

Obviously your dog can't understand that

You would be surprised. Depending on breed, most dogs can easily tell when their owner is in danger or acting abnormally. And then they try to fix it.

Sorry you passed out OP but dogs don't always understand the situation because some dogs just fall asleep in front of the food bowl.

imkool136 22

Hope you're ok. I've passed out a few times too and it's a scary thing

Lassie only ran for help for Timmy because it was a television show and everything was staged. Don't count on an animal that eats it's on vomit to save your life in a time of crisis.

My childhood cat has saved my life once. And I saw a documentary once about how there are dogs especially trained to save the life of diabetics. Animals perceive things differently than us so the dog probably smelled that there was nothing seriously wrong with OP. But yeah, I wouldn't want to depend on an animal waking me in time.

If you pass out randomly maybe you have diabetes, go check yourself asap!

That was how I found out I had diabetes except I was in the living room.

If your dog fell asleep or passed out on your food you would be pretty upset too.