By KristaAaronn - United States - Johnson City
Today, I got my wisdom teeth removed. All I can remember is crying to my mom because I thought spoons were taking over the world. FML
KristaAaronn tells us more :
OP here! I also told her that they reason they made sporks was because they wanted to completely rid the world of forks
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  Jiplo  |  18

I was saying how I was going to get my sister a hat for a present or something for Christmas. I don't know why, because it would have been too late since my surgery was one of my "presents"


Eh, you'd be surprised of the funny and ridiculous stuff people say when they're all up on anesthetics. Probably just another case of anesthetic insanity :)

When my cousin got his taken out, he was trying to convince me to befriend the second head that grew on him. "This is Murphy he's like my new brother but we're connected, you feel?"

But if it was a dream, that'd be be hella awesome dream tbh. You know, besides the evil spoons starting an apocalypse.

  NeatNit  |  32

I never got why people get put on that kind of anesthetic that makes you all drugged up. when I got mine taken out, all they used was local anesthetic and it only caused local numbness for a few hours. AFAIK that's all any dentist uses. what's the point of those drugs?

  koalabear_55  |  11

I just got my wisdom teeth out last week. All I remember doing was crying to my 5 year old neighbour about how ugly I looked. And hugging her to make me feel better lol....

  Sketchisan  |  27

Some people need a general anesthetic to reduce anxiety or because they're resistant to the drugs used for a local. I opted for general because I was having all four wisdom teeth removed at once. They were impacted and two of them were already causing problems. They had to remove part of the bone to get to them and there was no way I wanted to be awake for that.

  NeatNit  |  32

I hear so many stories like this online that I can only conclude that american dentists almost always use general anesthetics. It just doesn't make sense.

A secretary of a dental surgeon told me that about 20% of their operations are done with general anesthesia instead of local. this value is probably a bit higher than normal, since that surgeon is the best in the country and gets all the difficult cases. the stuff I read online feel like way higher than 20% (like maybe 50%), so it just seems off.

  krd  |  8

The reason you hear about these drugged up reactions so much is because there's nothing crazy happening worth talking about with the normal way. Doesn't necessarily prove that one's used more than the other.

  blackonblight  |  32

There's a difference between a dentist and an oral surgeon. The people who get a general are the ones who have to have wisdom teeth surgically removed, usually impacted or otherwise complicated.

  missamberrose  |  17

I didn't even have a choice when mine were removed. My oral surgeon did it with general anesthetic. I had all 4 at once and they cut into my gums and bone to get them out. I remember yelling at the nurse for telling me McDonalds was closed, apparently I really wanted fries...