By Anonymous - 23/04/2011 05:11 - United States

Today, my dog disappeared for an hour. After I'd called her name repeatedly, she crawled out from under my bed, threw up on my feet, and then happily walked out the room. FML
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ImaWiseGuy 5

I just have to spark a blunt and my dog pops up like David Blaine.....


ImaWiseGuy 5

I just have to spark a blunt and my dog pops up like David Blaine.....

MasterE56 4

I just have to snort some coke and he pops up like Cris Angel..

I just have to sip on some cough syrup and he pops up like Lil Wayne.

I just have to vacuum my Captain Crunch and he makes noises like a purple giraffe.

Primo_Loco 0

I just have to toke up and my dog becomes reeeaaaallllyyyy soft

awesomeloser14 0

I just have to get out the coke and she pops up like Paris Hilton on steroids. ^.^

krazyvato 0

you deserve that so badly btw I'm lil Wayne I know wsp

you: 0 dog:1 just kidding op. that is totally something my dog would do! at least you found your dog though! but check under te bed, he or he may have been eating something gross under there....

The next time he does that BEAT IT UP. Show him who's the boss. If he bites back, put him down.

I'd hate to be in the same room as him O.o, I'd recommend therapy before he gets arrested for animal cruelty and probably domestic abuse but if he's a troll ololololol you got us good... I hope e_o

LoveTheObsession 5

8 I just hate you. How could you hurt a cute little puppy?!

Yes how could you hurt a cute little, vomit creating puppy?

MasterE56 4

how do you know it's a girl dog?

cobras40 0

Don't leave your used tampons and condoms under your bed and next time she won't eat them and puke on you.

danz123 7

I'm just picturing an episode of family guy with Brian doing this to Peter...