By sheyo - 05/03/2009 01:13 - Canada

Today, I went to the movies with some girlfriends. The guy behind us was making these pervy, heavy breathing noises, so we threw some popcorn at him. When the movie finished, we saw him in a wheelchair - with a breathing tube sticking out of his neck. FML
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Today, I finally got to watch a movie after 3 months in hospital. I didn't feel very well since the air conditioner was too strong, and suddenly some girls started throwing things at me for no reason. I had to go back to the hospital that night. FML


ydi for calling your friends girlfriends, that pisses me off so much

Just because i hear strange noises from the toilet when i'm taking a shit, doesnt mean i start throwing popcorn in the can... Its just plain stupid...

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why would you throw popcorn and assume its a perv ?!

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you're a ******* bitch. Why would you not check? it could have even been just an older person with health issues. Now this kid that has horrible self esteem probably even feels to bad to go to the movies anymore. ******* cold hearted asshole.

I hope karma rapes you OP it's people like you that makes me hate humanity

I hope you die a slow and painful death. jk but ur an asshole

I'm ashamed to be from the same province. Disgraceful.

I hope you wanted to jump of the building, selfish bitch

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#184... seriously??? It says in the original post, that the person was in a wheelchair with a breathing tube out their neck.. Way to read...

179, I'm from bc to :D some people are really quite rude here. OP; was it nesicary to throw pop corn at him in the first place??

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wow, you're an ass i'm ashamed that you are Canadian I'm even more ashamed that i'm from the same province as you. There was no need to throw popcorn in the first place.

You asshole that was my grandpa he just got outa surgery not his fault

I face palmed twice- first when I read this fml and second when I read your comment, 184..

Was looking back too much of a chore for you and your idiot friends?

my first guess was that he was getting "hot" during the movie. can't blame her, if she could see his condition it would be worse. but that's not the case

Well if you heard a guy making smex noises behind you what would you do? We all make mistakes :p

I'm ashamed to be from the same country

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Maybe next time you shouldn't be such an ignorant asshole.

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Op, **** you. You make me sick. How the **** dare you be so disrespectful. You deserve to get ****** hit over the head with a baseball bat you dirty slimy **** and yes this comes from the heart

OP must be ******* blind to not see that tube.

I wouldn't expect you to be familiar with COMMON SENSE, so I'll answer that for you: Move to another seat.

**** you sideways OP, I hope you get hit by a bus carrying disabled people in wheelchairs, and then piss on your stinky corpse. Sorry, ******* AUTOCORRECT. meant YDI :)

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Well they didn't know he had a breathing tube ...

Today, I finally got to watch a movie after 3 months in hospital. I didn't feel very well since the air conditioner was too strong, and suddenly some girls started throwing things at me for no reason. I had to go back to the hospital that night. FML

Bravo #4 lol I wish I could favourite this "FML"

Today, after smoking for three years, I went to the hospital. I got a hole on my neck to breathe after all that smoking. I decided to cheer myself up by going to a movie. The air was stuffy and humid, making it even harder to breathe. Then I got pelted by hundreds of popcorn. I feel guilty.

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Parky03, way to make assumptions! Congrats, you are a dick. :)

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Hey dick ****! My grandmother had a breathing tube in her neck as well. She didn't need it because she smoked, she needed it because her heart and lungs were failing from old age and other health problems adding up. She could barely go out in to public either because if something went wrong, all the things she needed were at home, and to be able to go out at all was indeed a treat. She died because the cap to the tube in her neck came off and no one could find it in time. **** YOU very much for making such a close minded assumption. I just lost more faith in humanity, yet again...

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I hope all's going well now though... I'm sorry for your loss and my condolences 🙏🏼

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this reminds me of that woman on here who had called some guy an asshole for staring out her boobs on a subway before finding out he was blind.

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@#7, that one seems a little more forgivable, this they just kinda assumed it was a pervert without even SEEING him.

it reminds me of the cop who violently beat up a "drunk driver", the guy had a stroke while driving, he was in ER for a stroke and broken bones.

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yo #6 instead of ********, i think these bitches should be his personal pornstars. what do you think? who agrees?

wow, that was really mature and yeah, give him some oral hahaha