By inosehowthatgotthere - 10/02/2011 01:12 - United States

Today, the woman giving me a manicure found a booger under one of my fingernails. FML
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"inosehowthatgotthere" LOLLLL

thats disgusting


Haha sucks to be you!!

you must of forgotten that you left it there

Ew dude. WTF

the first reaction for everyone wil be ew WTF dude

Damn, a lot of crazy shit is going down in Ohio. Man I wish that shit would come my way.

that's better than your dentist finding a booger!

that's so fucking sick learn to wash your hands and scrub your nails over and under you sick freak!!!!

Ew dude WTF? There's nothing wrong with picking your nose but learn to keep clean. Sheesh!

I just pray she wasn't picking someone else's nose.

thats disgusting

having a foot fetish isnt weird. I have boogers under my toenails all the time

That is very nasty. I don't feel bad for her, I feel bad for the woman that had to do her nails.

#28.....all I can say to you is EW.

That's not disgusting; that's quite gifted, being able to pick her nose with her toes. I wish I could do that.

Meeeeee too. I'm about to start school for this, reallllllly hope it never happens to me!!

that's what I said haha

Lol. i want to know your excuse for the booger ;]. how does she know its boogers? tell her its likee brocolil o_o

Are we still in kindergarten?

To pick their nose

At least she didn't eat it!!

"inosehowthatgotthere" LOLLLL

your comments brighten my day <3

#41 his comment is the OP's name -.- he just added "LOL" ...

allmidnighteyes what you wrote on your page wa spoken like a true Asian

I'm obsessed with midnight but not in a weird stalker way.

well, for those with picky tastes, homemade is always the best. make and pack your own snacks - and if anyone boogers you about it, it's snot any of their business! why don't mucus out your manicurist.

no . just no . it makes me wanna slap you untill you stfu :3

that's just how i like it, sweetcheeks. ;)

I have to agree, 7. You tried and you failed. Miserably. Please, for the sake of all humanity, never attempt anything like this ever again.

hahaha FAIL on ur part #7. just start hiding in ur closet.

I thought this was pretty brilliant.

You should have flicked it at her.


This made my day

OP's name is awesome.

hahah! ooohhhhh. This made my night:)

haha sameeeee.