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Obviously a MILF.

Big deal, just say "Yes." and continue.


Obviously a MILF.

How did you not tell the difference between the two!?

Obviously you didn't read #1.

If Heaven was a mile away...

Would I pack up my bags and leave this world behind?

You should have said: no, there's more.

how many pornos have I seen with this same scenario

Take a moment, chew it over with Twix.

Now pornos should say 'based on a true life incident'

Pretty sure the porno goes more like, "Today I found my 'girlfriend' sunbathing in her backyard. She wasn't wearing any clothes, so I started to have sex with her, until I relised it was my girlfriends mom. We kept going at it and my girlfriend joined 5 minutes later.

Reading this gave me a boner.

The FML never states if it was the mother or the father. :)

You got style.

I got the impression that the mother/father popped up behind them somewhere after he began molesting their daughter.

Lovely info. How old r u?

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Sounds like a porno

You know she wanted some, but don't do it since it could cause one of those "Today, I found out about my mom and boyfriend" FMLs.

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Let me correct that, a threesome with the mother and daughter and the mother would be going with the daughter now... YOUR SUCH A PERV

Bloke is in a bar, and an attractive woman of about 50 asks him if he fancies a sportsman's double. He figures her daughter must be in her 20s, so he agrees eagerly. They get to her place, and she goes to the foot of the stairs, and calls up "Hey Mum, are you awake?"

Was this before or after she put her dentures back in? I prefer her dentures out. Nothing worse than a chick with a biting reflex

that's disgusting...

Uh oh boner D: nope no boner... you killed it!!! >:(

What the fuck dude

you guys take shit too seriously..

Very understandable and calm mom. When you get your girl pregnant there shouldn't be any issues.

I would like this but there are 69 likes

That's not how you get on good terms with the parents.

It's how you get on great terms on one and awful terms with the other. They should balance out, right?

Until the dad decides to clothes line him, for him being the reason his wife won't sleep with him. ;)

I bet OP really wishes he had a moment with a Twix bar.

Omg thats a good one lol

95, you should point it out in a comment for no reason at all. ...oh hey! A comment!

You are a winner, #7. Really! xDDD;;

what did you say? and if she didn't say stop there would always be those awkward family get togethers you were invited too.

I love this post. I give her props for being a down to earth mom and not flipping out. Furthermore... She didn't flip out. Next time you fall asleep on their couch momma might be coming your way.

Not yet; that happens later.

Hell ya lmao! How old r u?

*interrupt* I'm 15!